Partnership with Petronas Lubrificants International

From the beginnig, New Holland lauched a partnership with Petronas Lubrificant International, acknowledging this specialist's expertise know worldwide in lubrificants and operating fluids for agriculture machines.

Under the “Ambra” brand, Petronas Lubricants International has designed optimal lubricants and operating fluids dedicated to New Holland products.
Ambra is the only range covered by New Holland homologation, which means:
  • that it is mentioned in the technical specifications appearing on all product packaging;


  • that it is recommended in user's and maintenance manuals as well as on the bonnet labels of all New Holland agricultural machines, throughout the
Among the Ambra range comprises all the types of specific lubricants and operating fluids from engine oils to transmission oils, hydraulic oils to brake oils, greases and protective fluids for radiators as well as high technology advanced products including:

  • Ambra Mastergold HSP (engine oil)
  • Ambra Mastertran and Ambra Multi G (gear oils)
  • Ambra Multi Bio (biodegradable gear oil)
The Ambra product ranges are distributed exclusively by New Holland dealers