FR – Tier 4A



    The above is a bold statement, but the FR can more than live up to this title. Industry-leading HydroLoc™ technology ensures constant chop length regardless of crop type and variations in load. But quality is nothing without throughput. The FR’s voracious appetite is never satisfied, and as fast as you can get the crop in it has been processed. The result? The best quality silage that facilitates digestion: both in traditional livestock stomachs and in modern biomass plants.

      FR450 FR500 FR600 FR700 FR850
    Cutterhead cylinder type V-shaped with 2 rows of knives
    Cutterhead frame width (mm) 900 mm
    Cutterhead cylinder width (mm) 884 mm
    Cutterhead diameter (max / min) (mm) 710 mm / 690 mm
    Cutterhead speed at 2100 engine (rpm) 1130
    Cuts per minute (2 x 6 knives) (c/min) 6780
    Length of cut range (2 x 6 knives) (mm) 8 - 44
    Cuts per minute (2 x 8 knives) (c/min) 9060
    Length of cut range (2 x 8 knives) (mm) 6 - 33
    Cuts per minute (2 x 12 knives) (c/min) 13600
    Length of cut range (2 x 12 knives) (mm) 4 - 22
    Cuts per minute (2 x 16 knives) (c/min) 18100
    Length of cut range (2 x 16 knives) (mm) 3 - 16
    Cuts per minute (2 x 20 knives) (c/min) 22600
    Length of cut range (2 x 20 knives) (mm) 2 - 13
    Adjust-O-Matic™ shearbar setting
    Automatic knife sharpening system
    Automatic knife sharpening system with reverse drive O O O O O
    ● Standard O Option

    The 600kg, high inertia cutterhead offers outstanding chopping performance in all conditions and prevents shock-loads. A wide range of different cutterhead configurations are available for bespoke foraging performance. The chevron design is proven to offer the most uniform chop. The 2x6 and 2x8 configurations offer a medium chop for nutritious silage. The 2x12 and 2x16 variants are perfect for whole crop and maize focused businesses; the shorter chop aids fermentation in bio-digestors. The top of the range 2x20 biomass cutterhead has been engineered by design to offer the finest chop possible for ultra-fine material with an enhanced combustion profile. This cutterhead is perfect for coppice and the emerging maize and sugarcane stover segments.

    Sharp knives ensure clean, precise cutting for maximum capacity from less power and fuel. With New Holland patented Adjust-O-Matic™ technology, you can easily sharpen knives and adjust the shearbar from the comfort of the cab. During the sharpening cycle, the cutterhead running direction is reversed and the integrated sharpening stone puts a precise, razor sharp edge on every knife, significantly extending knife life and reducing shearbar wear.