FR – Tier 4A



    The FR must keep 100% of the people happy, 100% of the time. Customers demand ultimate crop quality. The FR delivers it thanks to unparalleled processing performance. Contractors and cooperatives want to change between crops in the blink of an eye to minimise unprofitable downtime. The FR delivers it courtesy of industry-leading Variflow™ technology.

    Variflow™ system technology has streamlined the processor to trailer crop flow, banishing stagnant crop, when harvesting grass, to the history books. The Variflow™ system enables the operator to alter the position of the blower depending on the crop being harvested. The system features two settings: one for maize and one for grass. While switching the Variflow™ system from maize position to grass position, the distance between the cutterhead and blower is reduced by 20cm. This offers savings of up to 40hp(CV) to enhance overall machine efficiency.


    In under two minutes, and on your own, you can change the Variflow™ system from its maize to grass setting without the need for any tools. Perfect when uttermost flexibility is of the essence in busy harvesting periods. Furthermore, an exclusive tensioning system ensures correct belt tension in both positions so you don’t need worry about it. During extended periods of silage, or when harvesting straight through, high value miscanthus, you can remove the crop processor in under 20 minutes with the assistance of a dedicated winch.

    The efficient crop processing rolls utilise a proven sawtooth pattern for aggressive processing, which means virtually all kernels are cracked, making their nutritious fibre content even easier to digest. Available in four configurations, with between 77-166 teeth, the gap between the rolls can be calibrated using the IntelliView™ IV monitor for truly tailored processing performance. The toughened, highly abrasive surface has significantly enhanced durability during intensive maize harvesting.

      FR450 FR500 FR600 FR700 FR850
    Variflow™ system Shift between crops in under two minutes
    Crop processor  
    Roll diameter (mm) 200 / 250 200 / 250 250 250 250
    Two-roll system with saw tooth profile (teeth) 77 / 99 / 126 / 166 99 / 126 / 166
    Chrome coated two-roll system with 99/126 Teeth combination - O O O O
    Width crop processor rolls (mm) 750
    10% speed differential O O - - -
    22% speed differential
    30% speed differential (only with 99 / 126 teeth combination) - O O O O
    50% speed differential (whole crop) O O O O O
    Roll clearance range (electro-hydraulic adjustment) (mm) 1-6
    Manual clearance control (optional 200mm rolls) O O - - -
    Remote electro-hydraulic clearance control (250mm rolls)
    ● Standard O Option – Not available

    The FR500 - FR850 models can be fitted with a heavy duty processor with a staggered tooth configuration. These twin chrome coated rolls offers more aggressive processing for higher throughput, together with enhanced longevity in highly abrasive conditions.