FR – Tier 4A



    Maize headers can be specified with row guidance to keep your FR perfectly on course. Two sensors continuously monitor the position of the crop entering the header, and automatically guide the machine to ensure true perpendicular entry even in poor visibility or at high speeds. The system can also be linked to a GPS positioning system, which can distinguish between cut and uncut rows, to facilitate night-time harvesting and advanced harvesting activities such as skip row functionality to ensure your header is always 100% full, 100% of the time.

      FR450 FR500 FR600 FR700 FR850
    New Holland Precision Land Management systems          
    Guidance systems          
    Automatic row guidance system for maize headers O O O O O
    IntelliFill™ system O O O O O
    Precision farming          
    Optional additive tank (with adjustable flow) capacity (l) 400 400 400 400 400
    Moisture measuring O O O O O
    Yield measuring and moisture measuring O O O O O
    Full Precision farming package including:  
    Yield measuring and moisture measuring, DGPS yield mapping O O O O O
    PLM desktop software and software support service O O O O O
    O Option