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New Holland: the highest number of 100% Biodiesel models in the industry 
New Holland, the first agricultural equipment brand to embrace fully the potential of biodiesel, has followed its 20% (B20) biodiesel commitment by announcing that most of its machinery equipped with mechanical fuel injection diesel engines and a number of electronic engines can run on 100% pure biodiesel (B100) to EN14214 standard, with the use of an adaptation kit and specific maintenance programme.

New Holland leads the industry with the Europe-wide approval of the unlimited use of B20 biodiesel in all current production equipment with CNH engines, including Common Rail models.

The latest announcement confirms the brand's commitment to the use of biodiesel. “In keeping with our role as the ‘Clean Energy Leader’, we have given our customers clear undertakings with regard to biodiesel,” declared Christian González, New Holland Europe marketing director, “and today's announcement proves that we always keep our promises. In fact, from today, by simply following our technical guidelines, New Holland customers can confidently use 100% pure biodiesel on no less than 70 models in our range, both tractors and harvesters.""

All the details of the models that can run on B100 as well as New Holland’s requirements and recommendations to do so safely are available at all New Holland dealerships.

Simon Thornton, head of New Holland in Europe, explained that “behind this major commitment, which opens up new prospects for our customers, lies months of intensive trials to assess our engines' performance and reliability with 100% biodiesel. We wanted to be quite sure that we could not just offer the best technologies but, above all, ensure our customers could put complete faith in New Holland’s use of biodiesel with absolutely trouble-free operation.""

Christian Gonzalez highlighted the unique position for the farming sector. “This sector can benefit from biodiesel in two ways: by using a fuel that reduces energy dependency, and by growing crops from which biodiesel is made. Aware of this today, New Holland offers European farmers in all segments the widest and most diversified equipment fleet able to run on pure or blended biodiesel. This represents another important step forward; but testing will not stop here, because we want New Holland to continue leading the biodiesel revolution. Real action and genuine benefits for our customers, in true New Holland style."




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