Braud 9090X Olive harvester: enhancing harvesting efficiency by up to 20% and more than doubling harvesting speed to improve Super Intensive Olive operations’ productivity 
The worldwide production of olive oil is steadily growing and in order to increase productivity and to control the associated cost increases, growers are moving towards super intensive plantations which require highly mechanised harvesting techniques.

New Holland, together with growers, has developed the pioneering new Braud 9090X Olive that can increase harvesting efficiency by up to 20% and more than double the harvesting speed for significant improvements in productivity.

The model features a shaker frame that has been engineered by design with dedicated front/middle and rear rollers that package the tree before and after shaking for optimal harvesting. The harvesting head can work in three dimensions and both guides and clamps the foliage to ensure a smooth flow into the patented dual-articulated Noria baskets, which subsequently convey the olives into the hoppers.

New Holland’s renowned double harvesting shaker system, has been expressly designed to overcome the significant resistance forces encountered when harvesting olives from trees, which are ten times higher than those of conventional, liana style vines.

The main shaker system is composed of 2x17 rods which act upon the rigid part of the tree together with the additional 2x4 tight rods that harvest the upper and flexible part of the tree where the highest quality olives are found. An additional second patented shaker system with 2x4 rods increases the harvesting efficiency at the very top of the tree. This state of the art technology has significant benefits in terms of harvesting efficiency, with over 95% of olives harvested at a constant forward speed of approximately two kilometres per hour. Thismeans olives are picked at their optimum ripeness for the very highest returns for producers.


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