ECOBraud: Sustainable Viticulture, reducing the in vineyard carbon footprints by up to 40% and improving operator safety 
ECOBraud, New Holland’s Sustainable Viticulture program, is aimed at increasing productivity and profitability whilst reducing the environmental impact of viticulture and is an integral element of the Clean Energy Leader strategy. ECOBraud encompasses the complete range of New Holland viticulture equipment, including Braud grape harvesters and speciality tractors, and will enable a reduction in the carbon footprint in the vineyards by up to 40%. This will directly contribute to a 10% reduction in the overall carbon footprint of each and every bottle of wine produced.

New Holland’s new range of Braud 9000 multi-function harvesters has set a new benchmark in terms of carbon reductionand increased harvesting safety. The Intelligent Management System (IMS) which controls principal machine functions in relation to load can today reduce fuel consumption by up to 31%. When combined with the controlled rate application of fertilisers, a total reduction of the in-vineyard carbon footprint of 40% will be achieved .

Operator safety is enhanced by conducting an on-board diagnosis of eventual principal malfunctions and subsequently alerts the operator as well as automatically stopping the machine or disengaging the self-levelling system to prevent potentially dangerous situations arising. The operator is also protected against accidental misuse as a whole host of functions, including forward speed, levelling and hopper empting can only be performed when the operator is present.

A real-time stability indicator uses a network of sensors which transfers data, such as the exact weight on each wheel, lateral slope, ground conditions, hopper fill level and distribution and the use of multifunction equipment, in real-time to the on-board computer.

This information is then combined to alert the operator when the vehicle approaches its stability threshold via the intuitive IntelliView™ III monitor. This active safety device is available in multifunction mode, as well as when harvesting on difficult terrain.

The machine’s height and the lateral position are automatically adjusted, with zero operator input, to prevent eventual accidents and to increase overall harvesting safety, even when operating in the most difficult and undulating terrain and during high speed road transport.


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