Intelligent Trailer Braking System: best in class road safety and stability 
The Intelligent Trailer Braking system enhances safety by automatically controlling the valve which regulates the braking force exerted on the trailer in relation to the tractor’s deceleration, thereby creating an equalised braking effect between tractor and trailer. An electronic control system, which modulates the trailer brakes, ensures uniform tractor and trailer braking to eliminate the ‘pushing’ effect, which can ultimately lead to dangerous jack-knifing.

This system enhances transport safety when decelerating with the transmission or the engine brake, as this reduction in speed is sensed, and the same process of trailer brake modulation occurs, to ensure the trailer reaches the target deceleration as quickly and safely as possible. This controlled and harmonised braking force means that the stopping distance of the tractor and trailer combination is virtually the same as that of the tractor alone when decelerating.


New Holland Agriculture T3F wins TOTY® 2015 - Best of Specialized award, an amazing achievement in the specialized segmentAfter a long process that has seen the jury of this prestigious award involved for six months in analyzing and testing on fields all the contestants, New Holland’s new T3F tractor has won the title of Tractor of the Year® - Best of specialized for 2015

The T8 Auto Command™ tractor wins the "Maschine des Jahres 2014 - Machine of the Year 2014" award, a great achievement for New Holland Agriculture at Agritechnica ShowThe New Holland’s new T8 Auto Command™ tractor was recognized with the "Maschine des Jahres 2014 - Machine of the Year 2014" award by a committee of journalists from Europe’s pre-eminent machinery publications.