My New Holland:
a new space
ynamic, smart,
always up-to-date
and aware of
what’s important to its
customers - these are New
Holland’s key traits, which
are pursued not only in
developing its products
but in all the brand’s
activities. That includes
communications with its
customers, especially the
digital kind. This is the spirit
behind an innovative
New Holland project:
creating the first
community in the Fiat
Industrial galaxy to be
opened up to users’
comments and to feature
a wealth of exclusive
professional contents.
Anyone interestedmay
enter the My New Holland
world by filing out
a registration form
or connecting via their
own social network profile.
My equipment
Once registered, users can
access “My equipment”
an area where they can
complete their individual
profile and indicate which
products and machinery
they own. They can
enter their New Holland
products and also indicate
those made by other
companies, and can post
photos and videos too.
By creating their
My equipment” profile,
they set the stage for future
user exchanges, but that’s
not all: they also make it
possible for New Holland
to alert them to special
offers, and gives them
personalised access to “Tips
Tricks”: a section with
technical information and
premium contents reserved
for registered users.
Special contents
Opportunities for debate,
dialogue and swapping
information will be
launched in the My New
Holland area, aiming to
engage users with quality
contents on agricultural
topics. In these forums,
New Holland will act as
moderator, ensuring high
levels of discussion, but
all users will be able to
express their opinions and
ideas. The results of these
discussions will be stored
in a special archive,
creating a growing
collective culture” within
the community of users.
Additional functions
Numerous applications
are available to users.
Firstly, a calendar of
events, developed by
brand and users alike
also integrated with
Facebook) as a space for
organising or publicising
events and initiatives.
There are also various
sharing functions to
strengthen relations
between user and
brand: opinion polls,
Like” counts
assigned to products
on Facebook, and
notice-boards for posting
New Holland news.
New Holland’s digital strategy is to pursue an all-round web presence, to provide users
with a total quality experience. On top of the wealth of novelties introduced with
the My New Holland service, the NH Weather App has also recently been updated
and improved, and following the iPhone version launched in May, the Android version
is also now available. Any user with a smartphone can exploit the app, which provides
localised weather forecasts, meteorological services with archive data on seasonal
trends and flash warnings on critical situations, as well as the latest news from
sector publications and from New Holland’s digital dimension.
All-round availability
A specialist online community
offering wide-ranging info
on agriculture and numerous
opportunities for sharing and
contact between users and
New Holland. Register now,
and create your own
My New Holland profile
A space for interacting with the world
of New Holland. An area where exclusive
information and functions are available.
A place of dialogue and contact between
users. All this and much more in the new
My New Holland service, waiting
to be explored!