New Holland has been praised
for its “first class” equipment
by the head groundsman
of the FA’s brand new
£100 million training facility
where a fleet of blue tractors
has been signed up
Expert praise: FA’s head
groundsman hails
first class’ New Holland
roundcare expert
Alan Ferguson
is in charge at St
George’s Park, in Burton-
upon-Trent, Staffordshire,
which recently welcomed
a Boomer 2035, Boomer
T4020 and T4050
to assist vital maintenance
of the 12 elite pitches.
Alan Ferguson
said: “I chose New
Holland because of
recommendations and
from what I’d heard of
other users’ experiences.
Groundsmen all talk
to other groundsmen and
I have not yet met anyone
who has a bad word
to say. “The kit is first
class. We insisted that we
had a training programme
in place and that’s proved
to be invaluable so far.
We were working with
the Campey Turf Care
Systems dealership in other
areas and obviously they
were keeping us abreast of
what they were doing with
New Holland. It was the
right fit all-round.
We are using the kit right
across the range of the turf
maintenance programme,
such as top dressing,
seeding and aerating
the pitches. We have
four different pitch types
across the 330-acre site
so we need different sized
tractors that deliver exactly
what we want.
We are very happy with
what we have. For some
time where I was working
before I had been
quite keen to move
to New Holland.
I just felt when I came
to St George’s Park
the requirements were
a bit more diverse and
specialised and the
New Holland range
that much better.”
St George’s Park also
recently hosted this
year’s New Holland
Groundcare Convention
where 35 dealer owners
and salesmen from 20
dealerships viewed the
popular range of Boomer
compact tractors.
Six new Boomer models
have further extended
and upgraded the range,
which now offers powers
spanning 23-51hp with
a range of specifications
to suit every need.
Dick Spencer, New Holland
Marketing Manager,
commented: “A great day
was had by all, with our
guests given a chance to
drive the products in a true
working environment with
attachments, something
they don’t get a chance
to do every day.”
New Holland’s T4000F -
the pick of the bunch!
ew Holland know
a thing or two
about fruit but
probably not as much
as John Cullinan who
is Farm Manager at the
C&C Group Plc. C&C is
an Irish and UK-based
manufacturer, marketer
and distributor of
branded long alcoholic
drinks, including the
Magners Irish Cider which
is a premium, traditional
brand of Irish cider.
As he explained,
We harvest 1,500 tonnes
of apples annually from our
acre orchards based
in Clonmel, Co.Tipperary,
Ireland which consist
of seventeen varieties
of apples. The apples
chosen for making cider
are a blend of cider,
dessert and culinary apples.
Cider requires not just
the sweetness and acidity
also found in dessert and
culinary apples but also
the bitterness of tannin
of cider apples to balance
the flavour and help to
preserve it.”The local
New Holland dealer to
John is M&S Machinery.
He spoke to Pat and
Paudie Slattery at M&S
to understand what
options were available
and eventually chose
the New Holland T4030F.
The T4000F tractor series
has been specifically
designed to work best in
orchards and vineyards
and there are a number of
features that makes it ideal
for the requirements at the
orchards in Clonmel.
So how has the tractor
been performing?
We needed a tractor for
three main tasks: spraying
trees, pulling a trailer and
forklifting boxes of apples.
The T4030F really came
into its own when we
were using it to spray.
The orchards are on hilly
ground and we were
worried about a loss of
power, however the tractor
just kept on performing.
We had no loss of
momentum and it really
made the job easy.”
Another factor that has
impressed the team at
C&C was the tractor’s
manoeuvrability. It is fitted
with a SuperSteer™
axle which provides
John Cullinan and
the team at the orchards
used for cider-making.
a turning circle as low as
m - perfect for turning
into narrow rows.
As John commented, “
the tractor was extremely
manoeuvrable - allowing
the operator to neatly turn
into each new row without
any loss of time.”
It wasn’t just spraying that
the tractor needed to carry
out. The team was looking
for a tractor that could be
used as a forklift and to
pull trailers. The cab offers
brilliant all-round visibility
and unrivalled comfort.
They put a set of pallet
forks on the front and
were able to use it for their
fork-lifting needs. They also
used it to pull trailers to
and from the orchards. “
The overall performance of
the tractor has been great.
It’s tidy, reliable and also
economical on fuel. We
couldn’t ask for anything
better to do the job.”
New Holland’s T4000F series was
first awarded Specialised Tractor
of the Year in 2009 and, the latest
model, the T4060F has just picked
up the same award for 2013