CR8080 keeps the harvest on track in Yorkshire
This was the best year to have
tracks on a combine! That’s
the view of farmer and long-
time New Holland harvester
user Kevin Marsay. “I didn’t
sink once with my CR8080
SmartTrax™ and I know if I still
had my previous machine,
it would have struggled
in those conditions
evin, together with
his father John,
farms 1200 acres
of combinable crops near
Northallerton in Yorkshire.
They bought the CR8080
SmartTrax from local New
Holland dealer, Russells
Ltd, just before the harvest
and are no strangers to
New Holland having being
faithful to the brand for the
past 30 years. This CR8080
was preceded by a CX840,
TX63, and two 8060
combines. He has high
praise for Russells – “they’re
out straight away to deal
with any issues,
if you don’t have the service
you’re already fighting
a losing battle”.
Kevin rated the CX840 that
the CR replaced as a “good
combine” but he needed
more output. “I wanted
to harvest the crops at the
right time and with the
weather window so tight
you need output”.
The reason for going to
tracks, apart from reducing
compaction, was the
narrow machine width
it brought. In their area
they have a lot of narrow
roads and tight gateways
to negotiate and the 3.3m
wide CR8080 fitted their
needs. This particular
CR has the 24 inch track
option. A third advantage
of tracks, and especially
with a 30ft header or
bigger, is stability.
I’ve noticed how much
more stable the entire
header is”. This is their
first VariFeed™ header
and it has impressed the
Marsays. “It worked really
well especially in tough
oilseed rape conditions.
We opted for the double
hydraulic side knives
which makes opening
a field so easy”.
Before, Kevin used an
extension for harvesting
rape which took some
time to attach.
The VariFeed™ header
design and the rest
of the machine is so
simplistic . Access to the
rotors is really good and
overall the CR is a good
machine”. He also likes
the new spout design.
It’s got good capacity
unloading and it doesn’t
The vision into the grain
tank is good - there’s no
other combine cab like it”.
Another feature which he
liked is the Automatic Stone
Detection, “it’s a good idea
and will detect anything”.
Anyone who bales behind
a combine will quickly let
you know how well the
combine is set up.
The Marsays sell their straw
in the swath and didn’t
receive any complaints.
In fact the baler operators
commented that they
never baled straw so well
behind a rotary”.
For residue management,
Kevin’s CR is also fitted
with the OptiSpread™
straw chopper which he
described as “really good”.
The chopped straw spread
behind the combine can be
adjusted from the cab on
the go. The CR is also fitted
with assisted guidance in
the shape of SmartSteer™
which uses a laser eye to
guide the combine along
the edge of the crop. “it
worked fine and we are
also considering going
down the full GPS route
later with guidance and
yield mapping,” said Kevin.
Comfort, performance
and efficiency all in one package
he tractor arrived
in March 2011
from their local
New Holland dealer,
RES Tractors Ltd. Since
then, it has worked over
hours on various
tasks around their mixed
arable and beef farm
outside Belvoir
in Leicestershire.
Along with the beef
and arable, they also
have 12,000 poultry
on the farm.
We’ve been delighted
with the tractor” says
Simon. “We bought it
with the intention that
it had to do everything
around the farm. It’s our
main workhorse”.
The T7.170 Power
Command is a
Sidewinder II model with
front linkage. It also has
a New Holland loader
fitted for all the yard work -
keeping their Limousin cross
Devon herd happy. Other
tasks include ploughing
with a 5 furrow vari-width
reversible, drilling with
a Horsch sprinter, pulling
a trailed sprayer and during
summer it works on
a rake for a local contractor.
This is their first New
Holland. It’s local dealer
support that Simon places
great emphasis on and RES
have been able to provide
excellent service for them.
It’s no good having to
drive for miles for parts or
backup – I find RES very
good and very keen to
help”, he said. “Between
gears 12- 13 there is a bit
of a gap between speeds
at drilling but with the
wet weather this hasn’t
been an issue as we
haven’t managed to travel
that fast!” Simon’s son
Jonathan does most of the
ploughing. He’s currently
studying Agriculture at the
local Brooksby Ag college
and reckons it’s one of the
The wet autumn weather may have dampened spirits but not the enthusiasm
that Simon and Jonathan Green have for their New Holland T7.170
best tractors he has driven.
When we caught up with
him, he was ploughing in
beans with a five- furrow,
reversible Vari-width
It’s a great ploughing
tractor. Even changing
the width on the
plough doesn’t restrict
the tractor’s draft
This is also their first
Tier 4 tractor. So
what did they think of
the new ECOBlue™
SCR technology? -
The T7 is more fuel
efficient than our
previous tractor.
We top up the AdBlue
tank twice a week
and it’s no hassle at
all ”. His thoughts on
the CommandGrip™
joystick? “Fantastic ,
everything is on the
joystick instead of all
around the cab. It’s
so much better than
the previous tractors
I’ve driven”. “It could
do with a few more
places to store items
but other than
that I can’t fault it.
I’d rather drive
this tractor than any
other one”.