James Wheeler divides his time between
two activities, driving a T8.390 and skiing!
When we caught up with James, he was
getting ready to head out to Switzerland
where he works as a ski instructor. He still had
time, along with his father Andrew, to reflect
and talk to New Holland about their T8.390
tractor”, said Andrew.
A point James echoed –
it is big to look at but
you’d be surprised how
manoeuvrable it is”.
Fuel consumption influenced
their decision as well. “With
our current green tractors
we were in a slight state of
confusion. Our fuel company
was telling us one thing
while the tractor maker was
telling us another on the use
of additives. I just felt the
ECOBlue™ SCR technology
was the way
to go” said Andrew.
The tractor arrived from PA
Turney Ltd at the end of
August last year and has so
far registered over 700 hours
Then Jon Parker’s yield maps
were telling him something
he could not ignore
If a picture told a thousand words
work. This has been mainly
at direct drilling but it’s also
seen some action mole
draining and grain carting.
I just couldn’t knock
it - we’re very happy with
the T8 and service from
P.A. Turney” said James.
Andrew added “Along
with fuel consumption,
the warranty package also
had an influence on the
decision – not many other
manufacturers are offering
a three year warranty like
New Holland”.
The T8 has a full guidance
kit. “There has been no
issue with the guidance.
I’d also add that Omnistar
have been excellent to
Dowdeswell. Work he
considers would not have
been achieved this Autumn
had he still employed his
previous twin track machine.
We first tried the T9 with
a Dowdeswell plough on
ground where the top two
inches were difficult. The
previous twin track machine
would have been slipping
and sliding all over the place.
The T9 just put the power
down and didn’t leave a
He had considered other
makes and other twin
tracks but one of his main
decisions to change was the
effect his previous twin track
machine was causing on the
headlands. “Had I changed
to another twin track I just
would have been changing
colours but still have the
same problems”.
In the end, the choice was
between two artic machines
with the T9 being the more
cost effective option.
The tractor will be kept
for 5 years/5000 hours.
It’s a cracking tractor. I like
the power, hydraulics and lift
capacity of the machine and
the driver in particular likes
the quietness of the cab”
says Jon. When Jon took up
position as farm manager
the estate used to run a
Versatile on 800 tyres.
It just couldn’t put the
power down”. Looking back
and comparing with today’s
incarnation Jon commented
Tyre technology has moved
on so much. This tractor is
much more effective”.
The T9 is equipped with
fully integrated guidance
and uses the latest NH372
receiver. This generation
of New Holland guidance
receiver can now recognise
and use Russian GLONASS
satellites. ‘We have a lot
of dips and hollows in this
area and the more satellites
that the receiver can see,
the better. This allows the
machine to keep working
without losing signal”,
said Jon. He considers
the system to be better
than the origional guidance
system on the tractor.
In the cab he has also
included an IntelliView IV
screen; the same one used
in the flagship CR combines
for guidance. “The driver
loves this screen”.
Its fuel efficiency has
impressed as well.
The tractor starts work in
the morning at six and calls
it a day at 11pm. During that
time, it consumed a third
less diesel than the previous
machine.”Using the new
ECOBlue™ SCR technology
even with the addition
of AdBlue, I’m still saving
deal with” said James.
The Wheelers had
considered going down
the Continuously Variable
Transmission (CVT) route but
the idea of Ground Speed
Management on the T8
appealed to them. “It drives
pretty much like a CVT and
we use it all the time”, said
James. Andrew even joked
for a dinosaur like me you
want something that you
can jump straight in and
drive without having to talk
to a computer. That’s why
I like the T8. James added
Everything you need to
drive the tractor is there
on the CommandGrip™
From Sidewinder
to slalom
ooking at the data
from our yields
maps we could see
that the headlands were
suffering a 10-15% yield
penalty because of the
smearing and rutting caused
by a twin track system”
said Jon. In his eyes,
a solution was needed.
Enter the New Holland
T9.560. The T9, delivered to
the farm last May through
Murley Agricultural Supplies
Ltd, has just completed 600
hours work. It does all the
cultivation and drilling work
with Simba and Vaderstad
kit and ploughs with a
Claydon drill we purchased.
You need weight to pull
weight and I’ve always felt
that American-designed
tractors are the way to go.
Now, with the T8, we have
a big but manoeuvrable
he Wheeler’s
requirement for
their new tractor
was simple. “We have
hilly ground here and we
needed a bigger tractor to
cope with that but also the