The Jesi Plant: an avant-garde technological hub
In operation since the mid 1980s, this factory is a star
performer in designing and manufacturing the wide range
of tractors that New Holland exports to 79 different nations
roduced in the Jesi
plant, in the Marches
region of central
Italy, these tractors then
go to work in orchards,
vineyards and fields
all over the world.
This plant is a fully-
fledged technological
hub, a symbol of the
excellence that New
Holland pursues in its
manufacturing sites:
all are centres conceived
to deliver a perfect mix
of innovation and total
commitment to quality.
This conception has been
fully realised in the Jesi
site, operational since
and specialising
in the construction of
various families of four-
wheel drive and crawler
tractors, from 70hp to
hp. In its 25 years of
The New Holland factory
in Jesi is equipped with
cutting-edge technologies
for customising tractors:
given the huge range
of options and models
available, it is practically
unheard of to produce exactly
the same tractor specification
more than three times a year
activity, this plant -
whose workforce amount
to roughly 1,000 people
has produced over
tractors, destined
for sale all over the world.
The culture
of continuous
In 2008, as a spur
to guarantee even
higher standards and
progressively reduce
inefficiency, the Jesi plant
implemented the World
Class Manufacturing
programme. After four
years of applying this
approach, the centre in
Jesi can proudly call itself
a benchmark performer
in the implementation
of Lean methodology
and due process
checking. This result is
confirmed by the various
certifications obtained
by the plant: ISO 9001,
ISO 14001 and OHSAS
18001. «
Quality is
the heart of every
process, and a policy of
open and transparent
communication assures
the achievement of goals
and the compliance with
critical criteria on the
part of all our human
resources – explains
Gabriele Silvestrini,
the plant’s director.
Training and continuous
evaluation make it
possible for us to activate
and update our quality
procedures, while the
Customer Quality Audit
checks at the end of
the assembly line allow
us to verify quality from
the purchaser’s point of
view: we take a random
selection of 2% of our
daily tractor production
and submit this sample
to rigorous visual and
functional testing».
Plant structure
and organisation
The technological hub
is organised in four main
operative areas:
The engine assembly
line is the fulcrum of
New Holland tractor
Every engine, assembled
and identified by
an individual order
Celebrating a rich history and innovative technology, harvesting heritage
and the future of agriculture all in one place is now possible. Welcome
to the recently renovated and extended New Holland Customer Centre.
Located in Zedelgem, Belgium - the birthplace of New Holland harvesting -
the new, 3,000 sq.m. facility brings to life the great evolution of harvesting
equipment design, engineering and manufacturing. Over 5,000 visitors
annually are expected to enjoy this unique experience; they can travel through
time and see everything, from the first self-propelled combine in Europe
to the technology that powers today’s cutting-edge machinery. Each visit
culminates with a tour through the World Class Manufacturing plant where
visitors can see up close how their flagship harvesting machines are built.
News from the
Customer Centre
in Zedelgem
number, is tested
to check noise
levels, operational
and internal and gear
system integrity;
The cab assembly
and testing line:
the driver’s cabs arrive
from the factory
in Modena, and in Jesi
they are fitted with their
electrical and hydraulic
systems, and their
command functions;
The painting area;
The two final assembly
lines: in the first
the tractor is
personalised according
to the customer’s
In the second, it is
submitted to chassis
dynamometer testing
and then sent on for
a final check to certify
its configuration
and the quality
of its finishing.