ver 13,000
grape and olive
harvesters have
been designed and built
from the ground up by
New Holland specialist
teams, perfecting them,
over time, to make sure
today’s growers benefit
from the highest quality
machinery and best
harvesting performance,
in addition to advanced
functions for peak
Braud 9090X harvesters
are now powered by
durable FPT Industrial
common rail engines
that reach 175hp,
while decreasing fuel
consumption by an
average of 35%. Engines
in this series can also
run on 100% biodiesel.
Along with many
features that decrease
maintenance expenses
and downtime,
the 9090X series delivers
very high capacity for
extra large vineyard and
super intensive olive
harvesting - saving time
right when it counts.
Braud 9090X Dual
and Side Conveyor
For harvesting flexibility,
Braud 9090X Dual is able
to harvest both grape
and super intensive olive,
producing optimal results
for both crops.
Effective yet gentle,
the Dual maintains
the integrity of trees
and vines and employs
baskets that carefully
handle fruit while
eliminating costly ground
losses. Extra large canopy
vineyard growers can
also choose between
the 9090X two-hopper
version for unbeatable
efficiency and the
pioneering Side Conveyor
configuration for non-
stop harvesting and
enhanced visibility
while unloading.
Better cleaning
and performance help
make the most of your
time during the busy
harvesting period,
along with the best
de-stemmer system
available on two-hopper
versions. Now the
integrated IMS system,
with IntelliView™ III,
makes it easy
to streamline work
in vineyards and olive
groves or fine tune
parameters for different
types of vines and trees.
Save time in olive
harvesting season:
new Braud 9090X
The new Braud 9090X
Olive harvester series
delivers reliable
harvesting quality
and boosts on-the-
job efficiency in super
intensive olive orchards.
With the SDC shaking
system, which uses
a flexible rear rod fixture
that softly shakes
the tree to detach olives.
Using the NORIA
basket system,
Harvest Time
the new 9090X ranges
Building on 35 years of history, New Holland
continues to produce specialised harvesters that
exceed the expectations of today’s growers
with polyurethane
baskets, this specialised
harvester virtually hand
picks the crop, ensuring
top-value harvest while
preserving trees for future
seasons and maximising
picking performance
The high-performance fan
and specialiaed conveyor
system for olives speed up
the harvesting process.
Improved hoppers,
now with a lower
centre of gravity and
the ability to unload
them simultaneously,
reduce downtime.
Plus, a new lighting
package lights
the way when long
harvesting days
turn to nights.
At every hour,
the Braud 9090X Olive
maximises efficiency.
The award-winning
Intelligent Management
System finds the optimal
rpm to save on fuel
It also displays all the
important functions,
along with time-saving
information from
the Row Tracking System
that uses New Holland
GPS to track the rows
worked and those yet
to be harvested, with
the IntelliView™ III
touchscreen monitor.