Big Spirit,
Compact Size
Despite their small sizes,
their heart is big. Extended
and upgraded, the Boomer
Compact tractor ranges are
now more popular than ever
epresenting New
Holland’s most
compact tractors,
the Boomer ranges are
just what operators are
looking for. They are big
on power, comfort and
manoeuvrability – perfect
for everything from private
lawn care to commercial
landscaping, from municipal
and sports facilities to small
agriculture operations.
The new Boomer ranges
now consist of nine new
models between 31hp
to 51hp fitted for all kind
of jobs, with a variety
of options including the
industry leading Easy
Drive™ CVT transmission.
Boomer 3000
for demanding
Boomer 3000 is a compact
tractor with the spirit
of a big tractor.
The three models transmit
from 41hp to 51hp and
are configured with all
the specifications
demanded in this segment.
This range is the only
one in its category to be
powered by New Holland’s
award-winning EasyDrive™
continuously variable
transmission. EasyDrive™
CVT is industry-leading
It has the fixed speed
ability of a mechanical
transmission, yet,
with hydrostatic drive
EasyDrive™ CVT allows
big-tractor operating
ease - a unique feature
that puts the Boomer firmly
at the top of the segment.
Plus, operators now have
even more control: They
have no problem finding
the right pace for the job
because the chain belt
drive has infinite speed
adjustment, up to 30kph.
Then, they can maintain
it with full cruise control,
which comes as standard.
Innovative reactivity
settings and high-capacity
hydraulic systems make it
easy to perform in a range
of applications and allow
immediate steering
response. With the optional
New Holland engineered
SuperSteer™, the Boomer
has a turning angle
reaching 75°, while
advanced Sensitrak™
traction management
works to protect fine turf
on these tight turns.
In addition to its improved
technical features,
the Boomer 3000 also
has a softer side.
The Super Suite™ Cab
keeps operators in
industry-leading comfort.
The most spacious and
comfortable cab on the
market, it also features a
high-visibility roof hatch for
extended visibility and fully
adjustable heating and air
conditioning controls.
Boomer 20-50
for easy everyday
New Holland has unveiled
six new Boomer models
that produce between 23hp
to 47hp – big-tractor
power and proven reliability
packed into the perfect size
for easy manoeuvring.
Even in tight working
areas or slippery conditions,
like mud and snow,
ample ground clearance,
four-wheel drive and
the differential lock foot
pedal make it easy to get
around and guarantee
top-notch traction.
Its dual-pump hydraulic
system and highly efficient
three and four-cylinder
engines complete the
package. They deliver
power for mowing, digging
as well as ploughing
snow and fields like a big
tractor, but with the quick
implement response and
easy steering that only a
small-bodied machine can
offer. With these Boomer
models, it is easier than
ever to change from one
task to another as specific
engineering makes it easy
to switch implements.
It is ready for any job
and smart design ensures
easy operating through
ergonomically positioned,
colour-coded controls,
plenty of clear operating
space and lots of legroom.
New Holland Boomer tractors
are the ultimate power tools,
designed and built to make
your big jobs seem small