tools for maximum
precision and reliability.
With the Electronic
Service Tool system,
our technicians check all
of the hardware in just
a few minutes through
a four-part process.
First, a diagnostics
check quickly identifies
and locates any defective
parts. Second, the
technicians systematically
inspect and analyse a
range of factors to find
any parts that are worn
out, or nearly, to prevent
future breakdowns.
Third, the machine receives
a software update to keep
your equipment running
at top performance
and significantly reduce
fuel consumption.
Finally, there is the
traceability stage,
where an outline is made
of all the checks carried
out and service work done
to the machine, providing
security for the owner
and a valuable record
for when it comes time
to sell the machine.
Trust New Holland
Original Parts
Genuine New Holland
parts are high quality,
designed specifically
for your machine,
and are also the best value
for your money.
Our parts are certified
to meet safety and
performance guidelines,
built to comply fully with
the strictest regulations in
Europe, and engineered to
exceed industry standards.
Superior parts mean an
extended life for your
equipment, enhanced
reliability and safety,
and optimised performance
and efficiency.
The Winter Service also
gives you the opportunity
to choose parts that are
designed for any extreme
applications you want
your New Holland
machine to tackle.
Breath of
Fresh Air
When was the last time you
changed your cab filter? Service
manuals recommend that the cab
filters in agricultural machinery
be changed regularly, and the
Winter Service is a perfect time
to have this done. Cab filters
serve as a barrier between the
harsh environment outside and
the operator’s working space,
improving air quality, eliminating
dust, pollen and noxious odours,
while protecting the operator
and making it more comfortable
to do the job. Filters that remain
unchanged can become dangerous
as they house bacteria and
impurities. New Holland offers
a number of filter solutions
to keep the air in your cab clean
and safe. Active Carbon Filter
features an extra powerful barrier
for dust, pollen and chemical
products which can be dangerous
and even carcinogenic.
All our filters are engineer-
approved to allow New Holland
cabs to comply with EN15695
standards, which are designed
to safeguard the health
of farm operators.