Watch out! New Holland tractors are taking over
has helped
the T5
become the
new industry
for heavy
loader work
he T5 range
boasts the leading
New Holland
performance that
operators have come
to expect. It is fully
compliant with the
stringent Tier 4A
emissions standards,
which are expected
of today’s competitive
businesses, but it now
has outstanding details
that operators will
not expect, such as
Electro Command™,
PowerShuttle and
soft start PTO.
Command Farming
and Loading Jobs
The T5 is for those
who demand the best.
It runs on a powerful
L, Common Rail
turbo-charged F5C
engine, that has
improved transient
response with 35%
T5: Demand
the best,
the fields
The T5 tractor range
gives you ultimate control -
now featuring the
Electro Command
powershift transmission
torque back-up and
develops from 99hp
to 114hp. Plus, its
engine is best suited
for agricultural tasks
gaining peak power
precisely in the PTO
working range at just
rpm, which helps
the T5’s F5C engine
to be even more
fuel efficient.
The extended maximum
power curve spans
from 1800 to 2300 rpm
giving T5 tractors
more flexibility
and guaranteeing
improved performance for
any kind of application.
Compatible with
New Holland’s entire
line of 700TL loaders,
the mounting brackets
on the T5 have
also been engineered
to ensure balance
and stability while
Rear linkage with
a lift capacity of over
kg makes heavy
farm work seem light.
Factory-installed front
linkage and PTO complete
the package, offering
the versatility needed
to get any job done.
Outstanding hydraulic
performance has helped
the T5 become the
new industry benchmark
for heavy loader work.
The updated hydraulic
system supplies overall
hydraulic flow reaching
l/min, making
demanding applications
look easy. The dedicated
independent pump
delivers up to 43l/min
for extra-light steering
without compromising
other hydraulic
All this power is packed
into a compact machine
with the T5 boasting
an incredible power-to-
weight ratio of 37.3kg/hp
making it the ultimate
tool for commanding
all kinds of farming
and loading jobs.
Electro Command™
makes eight gear speeds
available at the touch
of a button.
The semi-powershift
transmission is
controlled by up
and downshift keys
located on the control
lever and a third button
allows you to select
the range change.
Electro Command™
comes with the
standard 16x16
transmission, 40kph
ECO at 1870rpm,
and is optional on
the 32x32 transmission.
The T5 range is
powerful, but is
comfortable and
has a soft touch.
The optional Comfort
Ride™ cab suspension
employs cutting-edge
technology to guarantee
a super smooth ride,
despite the operating
conditions. Also, soft
start PTO engagement
is a cab-mounted
ergonomic lever that
smoothly activates
the PTO, preventing
unexpected shock
and protecting the
tractor and implement
throughout the entire
range of PTO speeds.
is mounted on the
column for easy
direction control
and aggressiveness.
Adjusting the settings,
the operator can choose
the soft setting to
optimise field work
or the super aggressive
position for super-
quick direction
changes during loader
Farming tasks have never
been so easy with some
great New Holland details
that you won’t expect