The tractor revolution has transformed the T5
and TD5 ranges from the inside out. The T5 and
TD5 lead the way in terms of comfort and visibility
with a cab built around the needs of the operator.
What’s in a name? Everything. VisionView™ means
º vision and it has made visibility one of the
most notable trademarks of these New Holland
tractors. Expansive glazed areas and fully opening,
transparent roof hatch provide a clear view at any
point in the lift cycle of the loader, even at full
extension. No more twisting and turning.
All principal controls are now grouped together,
located on the right-hand console.
The fully integrated loader joystick and the column-
mounted shuttle lever have been moved to increase
productivity and reduce on-the-job fatigue.
With the precision-adjustable steering column,
the VisionView™ cab offers best-ever
working comfort.
All About the New
than Ever
The TD5 tractor range
has been redesigned
to give it a new look,
but that’s not all.
Offering enhanced
productivity and
operator comfort, it has
really got heads turning
ew Holland
has completely
reinvented the
TD5 tractor range and
extended the line with
six new models: the
TD5.65, TD5.75, TD5.85
and TD5.95, together
with the two new range-
topping TD5.105
and TD5.115 models,
that offer between 65hp
and 113hp. The new
models in this series
now sport distinctive
New Holland styling,
the VisionView™ cab
with enhanced visibility
and ergonomic comfort,
hydraulic PowerShuttle
for top manoeuvrability,
as well as enhanced
safety features and tyre
options - making the
TD series better than
ever. The TD5 range
combines much-loved
elements, such as
mechanical transmissions
and easy maintenance,
with a brand new cab,
unique column-mounted
hydraulic PowerShuttle
and enhanced safety
features to create
a modern version of
the traditional favourite.
Lots of Loading
TD5 is the first in its
range to feature an
optional column-mounted
hydraulic PowerShuttle,
for easy on-the-move
direction changes without
the need to depress the
clutch pedal. Smoother
direction, optimal
manoeuvrability - perfect
for dairy and livestock
loader applications.
For outstanding operator
safety, the entire TD5
range offers both cabbed
and ROPS variants.
The ROPS option has
the same ergonomic
control layout as
the cabbed version,
with the added benefit
of specific trim engineered
to withstand harsh
operating conditions.
ROPS variants can
be fitted with a FOPS
Falling Objects Protection
System) compliant canopy,
granting peace of mind
even when operating
with loaders.
Safety Features
Another great feature
is the increased breaking
power of certain TD5
models. An additional
brake disc has boosted
braking performance
by 15 per cent for the
higher horsepower models
namely the TD5.105
and TD5.115 – enhancing
safety, especially when
undertaking transport
activities on an incline.
When working late into
the night, or in dim
barns, the protected rear
work lamps guarantee
safe, well-lit operating
conditions, powerfully
illuminating even
the darkest areas.
The six work lamps
are incorporated into
the rear roof section,
eliminating the need
to remove them when
working in areas
of overhanging
foliage or with low
overhead clearance.