Top biomass
Biomass transforms your farm into an energy plant,
and New Holland is leading the way in solutions
to make this a productive and profitable venture.
The FR forage harvesters have been precision designed
for top biomass harvesting productivity.
A full range of customisable options and headers make
the FR perfect for any kind of biomass harvesting
operations. The high inertia biomass drum uses 2x20
knives for a super fine cut which facilitates digestion
or combustion. The Dual Drive function of
the HydroLoc
variable chop length system grants direct
crop flow by disengaging the threshing mechanism -
optimal for miscanthus biomass harvesting.
In addition to the six-metre Marangon direct cut header
which is great for grass and wholecrop harvesting,
the 130FB coppice header is ideal for short-rotation
poplar or willow harvesting; with integrated saw blades
that easily slice through coppice stems or trunks
of up to 15cm, it efficiently and effectively produces
uniform woodchips.
effectively fill trailers of
any dimension up to 20
metres away and there
is no need for manual
calibration. Operators
don’t have to look over
their shoulder; they can
work with more comfort
and less worry, even in
the dark, knowing that
the automatic spout
guidance system offers
complete, consistent
trailer filling and will
increase their productivity.
SCR technology
for productivity
and fuel efficiency
The FR450 and FR500
models run on powerful
Cursor 9 and Cursor 13
engines, while offering
enhanced fuel efficiency
with ECOBlue
technology for Tier 4A
The ECOBlue
system offers significant
performance advantages
and, developing maximum
harvesting power
of 450hp and 520hp,
operators are sure to have
the all power needed
for the most challenging
conditions and crops.
significantly reduces
fuel consumption and,
together with Power
Cruise™ to boost in-field
efficiency and ultra-low
transport engine speeds,
these FR models save
an additional 20%
in fuel consumption.
Top chopping
The FR range has leading
chopping performance
thanks to the all new
chopper body for
great uniformity and
With HydroLoc
technology that produces
consistent chop length
for any kind of crop
and uniform kernel
cracking by today’s most
efficient crop processor,
best-in-class chop quality
becomes outstanding
The New Holland forager
benefits from the latest
advances in blower design
to ensure efficient crop
transfer from processor
to trailer. The paddle type
blower has increased the
mass of smooth flowing air
by a full 40% to transport
higher volumes of crop
more efficiently.
Advanced computational
fluid dynamic analysis
was also conducted
to establish the smoothest
and best possible path
for the crop, and an
impressive value of 80%
has been achieved for crop
flow direction stability.
A more stable flow means
reduced turbulence
and greater unloading.
Headers for
peak flexibility
and productivity
The entire FR range is fully
compatible with a wide
range of headers that
guarantee optimal
crop-to-crop flexibility.
For grass and wholecrop
including winter barley,
wheat, rye and sorghum),
there is New Holland’s
Marangon direct cut
header, with 14 exclusive
super-flat round discs for
a smooth, uninterrupted
crop flow, which transmits
zero stress and strain
to the cutting bed.
This enhances machine
reliability and reduces
costly down time during
tight cutting windows.
It is the clear choice for
super-intensive dairy farms
and biomass operations.
All New Holland combine
maize and grain headers
can be fitted. Plus, the
AutoFloat™ system
ensures level pick-up
despite uneven terrain.
Headers for
smooth, reliable
harvesting in any
New Holland’s high-
capacity 300FP grass
pick-up header is
the most reliable header
for efficient and
productive harvesting.
Increased efficiency
is possible thanks
to improved pick up
reel with 5 tine bars
and reinforced tines,
adjustable roller wind
guard, retractable fingers
and optional paddles.
You can also depend
on this header even in
uneven and unstable,
dense and demanding,
or muddy conditions.
The whole range of
headers employ ‘quick-
attach’ logic, while both
lateral and vertical header
height correction can be
managed with ease from
the cab to ensure that
the header responds
to the contours
of the land.
A new look
for even greater
The range has single
engine technology offering
the added advantage of
simple maintenance, which
is even easier because the
FR’s new, sleek design has
elegant side panels that
open wide to grant easy
servicing access.
Operators can rely on
this range without the
headache of lengthy,
inconvenient downtimes.
for reliable
Get the competitive edge
in today’s fields with
New Holland PLM™
software. It downloads
moisture and yield
mapping data directly
from the FR. This can
be analysed and supplies
contractors with clear,
accurate reports about
their field performance.
This tool provides key
information that you can
rely on to satisfy your
customers and reach
future yield goals.