ontinuing its
winning streak,
New Holland
introduces the standard
Roll Baler 125 and two
combination baler-wrapper
models: the Roll Baler 125
Combi and the Roll Baler
Ultra, built tough with
top-notch engineering and
premium construction for
serious professional baling.
The final score for these
models is optimal bale
density, easy operating
and wrapping
On a roll!
Quality bales,
great baling
Baling is no game and
New Holland knows that
the competitive advantage
is defined by bale quality
and density. From pick-up
to bale formation, the
Roll Baler range’s goal is
maximising profitability
for professionals such as
contractors and large-
scale dairy farmers.The
metre pick-up working
width of the Roll Baler 125
and 125 Combi models,
and the 2.2-metre pick-up
working width of the Roll
Baler 135 model maximises
the amount of valuable
crop material transferred
into the chamber. This
is also true even when
working in heavy,
first-cut silage or
dense straw swaths
made by advanced
The five tine bars
keep positive
contact with
the crop to
improve flow
and prevent
The 470mm
rotor features
mm thick
tines - reliable
and durable
to extend the machine’s
life. This range has
rollers, each
mm in diameter, for
uniform bale formation.
Their aggressive profile
maintains contact with the
crop, in all types of crops
and conditions, ensuring
dense core formation
and uniform filling.
Overall machine longevity
is enhanced because
bale weight is evenly
spread across the
circumference of
the chamber during
Control with a touch –
it is now possible using
the specialised bale
monitor with impulse
contact buttons.
The display is clear and
easy to read and this
intuitive platform allows
operators to monitor
and control the principle
parameters, from bale
density, to PTO speed,
net/film indicators,
manual and automatic
tying, to the number
of wraps per bale.
Job reports are provided
using the bale counter
which is able to store
bale counts for up to 50
different customers.
Plus, the Roll Balers
are fully compatible
with modern tractors
operating with
load-sensing hydraulics,
automatically controlling
the hydraulic flow with
precision, delivering
just the right volume
required to maintain
pick-up performance
and pressure. Stability
and comfort are better
than ever because of the
Roll Baler’s low centre
of gravity which grants
superior stability even
on extreme gradients
and side slopes.
Additionally, the baler’s
wide tyre selection
allows operators
to choose the right
configuration to fit
their needs. Available
on the Roll Baler 125,
super wide 500/60x22.5
floatation tyres help
reduce compaction
and protect valuable
regrowth, while
Win Big with the new
ensures that
the Roll Baler
is extremely
reliable and it
was designed
to offer great
bale quality
and uniformity