improving traction
in muddy conditions.
R17 tyres are
available on both the
Roll Baler 125 Combi
and Roll Baler 135
Ultra to ensure an
extra-smooth ride
during transport.
That’s a wrap!
Using innovative
technology, these baler
models have streamlined
the wrapping process.
The Roll Baler 125 Combi
and Roll Baler 135
Ultra make it possible
to achieve baling
and wrapping in
a single pass.
Thanks to high-speed,
twin satellite wrappers,
the system is able
to start the wrapping
process while the next
bale is being formed in
the chamber, making
wrapping an on-the-go
operation. Not only does
this significantly reduce
the amount of time
necessary to complete
the baling and wrapping
operation, it also reduces
overall labour costs,
the number of tractors
needed in a fleet and the
number of in-field passes.
This in turn, decreases soil
compaction and the risk
of damage to valuable
This range offers the
flexibility that contractors
need to meet customers’
changing demands: both
the Roll Baler 125 Combi
and the Roll Baler 135
Ultra can bale with either
traditional net wrap or
the latest types of
plastic film options.
Film wrapping can be
advantageous in many
way, such as a better
bale oxygen barrier for
improved fermentation
and forage quality,
reduced wrapping time
and significantly lower
wrap costs.
Less downtime,
the Roll Baler
is up and ready
to go
Timeouts can mean
big losses and New
Holland knows there
is no time for that in
hectic baling schedules.
To diminish this risk,
the Roll Baler was
designed with
a single-piece, light-
weight front shield
to provide easy access
to all maintenance
and lubrication points
and to facilitate
quick servicing.
The Roll Baler has
extended service
intervals thanks to its
precision engineering:
a centralised, automatic
greasing system and
automatic oiling system
to keep all chains well
oiled. Rollers have
also been constructed
with highly resistant
material that holds
up even against
particularly abrasive
Thick, durable rotor
tines also help to further
extend the lifespan
of your investment.
The name says it all:
and 135 mark the bale
diameter in centimetres,
Combi’ identifies
a combination baler-
wrapper and ‘Ultra’
highlights the extra tough
baling and wrapping
usage profile
Roll Baler
Staying competitive can be tough, but
now professional baling operations have
a new partner in their team – the new
Roll Baler by New Holland gives their side
an advantage with three heavy-duty round
baler models featuring a fixed-chamber