New Holland’s productivity enhancing
telematics software helps contractors
and operators to take their business
to the next level
real-time operating
information, and this
is what New Holland
PLM™ Connect offers,”
explains Luca Mainardi,
Head of Global
Tractor and PLM
This technology will
rom your office chair
you can use this
powerful system
to connect to your
equipment at any time,
including obtaining vital
up-to-date information,
pinpoint its location
and track progress -
all in real time.
Utilising the mobile
network, PLM™ Connect
is designed to keep your
machines on the move
and boost the upward
mobility of your business:
saving time, reducing
fuel consumption
and increasing fleet
management efficiency
and security.
Now, the industry’s most
advanced telematics
technology is available
for the CR and CX8000
combine ranges and
the T7, T8 and T9
tractor ranges.
All New Holland
authorised dealers
can help you to get
connected and they
are able to retrofit
New Holland brand
equipment and
competitors’ machinery.
Today’s agribusinesses
needs on-demand,
soon be extended
to the complete
New Holland range
of tractors and
harvesting equipment
to facilitate farmers
in optimising working
patterns that enhance
their profitability.”
The standard package,
PLM™ Connect
Essential, includes the
most frequently used
fleet management and
mapping functions,
helping you to track
the positions and activity
of all machines on
a single webpage.
Management is easier
and intuitive, reminding
you when maintenance
is due. Plus, security
is tighter than ever -
allowing fleet managers
to set virtual geofences
and curfews and sending
alerts if machines
are used outside of
established working
hours or areas to keep
machines safe from
misuse and theft.
PLM™ software uses
advanced telematics
to take machine
operating information
and transform it into
performance analysis
reports, which can help
modern agribusinesses
in strategic decision
making and, ultimately,
enhance productivity
and efficiency.
In 2013, the upgraded
PLM™ Connect
Professional telematics
package will be available,
offering the highest
degree of control
and traceability.
It provides real-time
location reports and
usage profiles to
accurately manage
work flows and allows
them to monitor up
to four different machine
displays at the same
time to visualise
operating parameters
and fault codes.
Fleet managers can track
fuel levels and access
fuel consumption
reports and analyses.
Stay in touch with
your machines
anytime, anywhere.
You can get SMS
alerts and even send
messages to the operator
and receive responses
instantaneously using
the wireless messaging