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New at Basildon
This year Basildon is welcoming record numbers of visitors
from around the world to see the shiny New Holland
machinery on display in a brand new showroom
Basildon History
Producing tractors since 1964, the Basildon Plant
in Essex is New Holland’s UK headquarters
and home to their class-leading T6 and T7 tractor models.
The plant has a strong heritage and works constantly
on product development, improving upon
and building the tractors that will shape
the future of agriculture.
Recognised with the World Class Manufacturing Award
and the Manufacturing in Action Award, Basildon
is a recognised leader in production quality and
performance and continues to support New Holland
in offering innovative agricultural solutions.
looks forward
to hosting
more visitors
in the future
he all-new showroom,
which recently opened
its doors to the public,
is located adjacent to the
Customer Centre and spans
1,200 square metres.
It is a highlight of a tour
that offers a complete,
360˚ experience of
agricultural history,
Basildon heritage
and New Holland
This spacious and
contemporary building
looks like a gallery, but
the art on display is not
paintings or statues, but
state-of-the-art machines
that have revolutionised
agriculture. Here the
pedestals are giant tractor
tyres and the works on
display are rows of shiny
equipment. Every kind of
machinery, manufactured in
New Holland plants around
the world, is on display
in the showroom,
while the Innovation
Area features the modern
technology of the machines
produced specifically
at the Basildon facility.
It is a unique opportunity
to learn about
the role New Holland
has played in farming
history and how it is leading
the way to the future of
agriculture, in an exciting,
hands-on way.
World Class
Visitors to the Customer
Centre can learn about
the evolution of agricultural
machinery up close,
but they can also tour the
award-winning tractor plant
and see the mechanics
of advanced World Class
Manufacturing (WCM)
processes that have been
recognised with the coveted
Bronze level.
Producing a tractor every
4.5 minutes, each one built
to order and customised to
fit customer specifications,
along an assembly line
that stretches over 2km,
the manufacturing process is
a spectacular demonstration
of industry in action.
Guests can observe as
components from specialist
production centres are
assembled to build the best-
in-class T6 and T7 tractor
Basildon employs innovative
WCM production techniques
focused on increasing
manufacturing performance
by reducing waste and
losses, while improving
standards and methods.
It guarantees enhanced
energy efficiency and
reduced environmental
footprint, as well as the
highest quality product
Every component installed
at the Basildon plant is
inspected and certified
before it is sent to the
assembly line, where skilled
technicians check each
quality requirement.
Final inspection covers
every function and
command - from top to
bottom and quality audits
are carried out to ensure
each machine is worthy of
the New Holland name.
Welcoming Visitors
Each guest to the UK
headquarters gets a
comprehensive New Holland
factory experience. In the first
five months of 2013, nearly
2,000 customers, dealers,
journalists and students
have already toured the
cutting-edge facility, including
the most recent addition.
Showing an impressive 77%
increase in the number of
visitors over the previous year,
in 2012 there were just under
5,400 people who came
to tour the new Basildon
Customer Centre after it
opened its doors to the public
in December 2011.
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