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New BigBaler series
A year on from Launch
p to 20 per cent
capacity increase
and up to five
per cent denser bales
will significantly improve
productivity and profitability.
Cutting edge features such
as the all-new MaxiSweep™
pick-up and enhanced
pre-compression chamber
crop flow monitoring have
been combined with proven
features in the form of
Double Knot technology
to offer unsurpassed baling
performance for professional
hay and forage operations,
straw contractors and large
scale arable farmers.
After a year of comprehensive
demonstration programmes
across the UK, the New
Holland new generation
BigBaler has left a lasting
impression with UK’s
baling elite. Oliver Peters,
Ever since New Holland’s new generation BigBaler
range had its global launch at Cereals back in 2012,
it has set a fresh benchmark in the professional
baling segment
a baling contractor
operating around Hertford
and the surrounding area,
said: “Very impressive –
New Holland have thought
of everything with
the design of this baler:
unsurpassed performance
with excellent user-
“The new design pick-up
has vastly improved the
performance of the baler
in all crop conditions.
It is a lot sturdier due
to the beefed-up cam
design in the pickup.
Also the S-shaped side
shielding helps reduce
the build-up of lumps,
further improving the
feeding capabilities of the
pick-up.” The MaxiSweep™
pick-up has been completely
redesigned to ensure that
every last blade of profitable
crop is safely baled.
The addition of a roller
wind guard ensures smooth
crop flow from the swath
to the baler and it prevents
crop flow disturbance for
uniform bale production.
Swath transfer has been
further enhanced by
the sculpted pick-up side
shields. Their distinctive
S-shape design draws
all crops in, even when
negotiating tight corners
and smoothly feeds
snagged crop into
the pick-up.
The pick-up edge now
features crop guides to
assist the final
tine in collecting every
blade of crop.
The all-new, heavy duty
gearbox, has enabled
an increase to 48 strokes
per minute for higher
throughput into the bale
chamber which means
that higher ground speed
is now possible.
This offers a significant
productivity improvement
for operations that work
in moisture sensitive crops,
or for those who bale
in areas with unstable
weather conditions.
The introduction of a larger
diameter, high inertia
flywheel which neutralises
variations in crop flow
has made this possible.
Chris Chilvers, branch
manager at Ernest Doe’s Big
Baler Centre, Marlesford,
said: “The new pick-up
and feed system means it
will handle a lot more straw
than the previous models,
and it will suit those looking
for high output with large
areas to bale, and who
need a baler that will handle
a large variety of crops.”
The BigBaler benefits from
distinctive New Holland
styling. Characterised by
flowing elegant lines that
scythe through the air,
this quintessentially
New Holland design,
fully in line with all flagship
harvesting products,
offers significant
advantages in terms
of servicing and safety.
It was eye-catching
enough to win the 2012
GoodDesign™ award,
an internationally renowned
title conferred by the
Chicago Athenaeum:
Museum of Architecture
and Design and The
European Centre for
Architecture, Art, Design
and Urban Studies.
Another prize was
the recent North American
AE50 award for the
BigBaler’s unsurpassed
productivity and efficiency,
with outputs as high
as 110 bales/hour.
A sought-after Silver
Innovation Medal was also
bestowed on the BigBaler
by the jury at the Sima
Exhibition, Paris.
But it’s the practical
opinions of customers
who matter most.
Robert Lane, a large baler
contractor from the Bedford
area, stated: “I was very
impressed with the access
to the servicing points of
the machine, it’s a lot better
having everything all
under the one hood.
This means the operator
can do a more thorough
job on maintenance
but in a lot less time.”
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