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By promoting conservation agriculture and providing
the tools to practice it, New Holland continues to lead
the way in sustainable farming
A Sustainable Farming
billion -
that is the
global population in
2050. This on-going
population growth
poses new challenges
for modern agriculture,
which must produce
more food from even
more limited amounts
of land, preserve natural
resources, contribute
to energy savings and,
as always, respond to
the demands of farmers
by helping to minimise
risk and maximise
yields and profits.
New Holland knows
that sustainable
farming is the most
viable solution to this
imminent challenge
and, for this reason,
conservation agriculture
has been incorporated
as one of the pillars of
the New Holland Clean
Energy Leader strategy.
At the 2013 Sima
International Exhibition,
New Holland presented
innovative implements,
specifically developed
for European no-till
applications, to promote
these growing
agricultural concepts
and bring considerable
benefits to farmers.
Conservation agriculture
is a resource-saving
concept that strives
to decrease the
environmental impact of
crop production, while
aiming to enhance
profitability for farmers
and grant high, sustained
production levels.
Conservation agriculture
is governed by four
key principles. Firstly,
it ensures minimum
mechanical soil
disturbance through
direct seeding,
maintaining minerals
within the soil,
stopping erosion,
and preventing water
loss from occurring
within the soil.
Secondly, this creates
a permanent organic
soil cover to allow
the natural growth
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