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Helping You Put
Agriculture to Work
PS2045 no-till drill: flexible and efficient drilling
This 26-row, 4.5 mt no-till drill with pneumatic distribution
ensures precision seeding and fertilising for medium- to
large-scale farmers and contractors. Flexible configuration
offers both a seed-only drill, for enhanced seeding
autonomy and a dual-seed and fertiliser configuration for
one-pass farming. Flexibility is maintained, as operators can
also position the division plate to regulate the seed/fertiliser
ratio and continually monitor fertiliser levels while working.
PS2030 drill: customisable drilling performance
This 17-row, 3 mt no-till drill grants outstanding operational
versatility for all types of terrain and crops and guarantees
high-precision sowing of small grains. The seed box
accurately meters grass seed, small grains and oil-crop seeds
to control the rate of application for optimal germination
when working in varied soils. Plus, the PS2030 maintains
uniform seeding in uneven terrain with outstanding
floatation technology. Its robust design, combined with ease
of operation and low maintenance cost, make it the perfect
choice for operations on varied terrain and with a variety
of different crops.
of organisms within
the soil structure.
The third principle is
the practice of crop
diversification that
naturally reduces the
impact of pests and
increases the quality
of organic matter in
the soil. As a result,
agribusinesses achieve
a more sustainable
management of farm
inputs, such as fertiliser
and sprays, to diminish
over-application and
enhance profitability.
Better for business
and environment
A prime technique of
conservation agriculture
is no-till farming.
With reduced fuel and
labour costs, this one-
pass farming practice
is advantageous to
agribusiness. Plus, yields
are boosted thanks to
lower amounts of in-
field compaction and
increased germination
rates. By decreasing
fuel consumption
and emissions, while
promoting healthier
soil and decreasing
the risk for erosion,
it is also good for
the planet. Paired with
New Holland’s advanced
software, inputs
and field passes can
be managed with even
more accuracy and
efficiency. Farmers using
both no-till and direct
seeding techniques have
shown that conservation
agriculture is the way of
the future. In addition
to higher yields,
they have reported
significant reductions
in water and fertiliser
inputs, increased soil
productivity over
a longer time span,
better moister
retention, more
nutrient-rich soil
and lower degrees
of erosion by wind
and water.
Your partner
Today, New Holland
offers a wide range
of products to assist
farmers in conservation
agricultural practices.
New Holland ECOBlue™
SCR technology for
Tier 4A compliance
helps farmers to
reduce fuel costs
and their operation’s
carbon footprint.
Using advanced PLM
solutions, such as
IntelliSteer™ fully
integrated guidance,
field coverage is
extremely accurate and,
together with controlled
traffic technology and
Software, in-field
passes are minimised
while ensuring uniform
coverage. Maintaining
soil health is easier
with New Holland
the optimised power-
to-weight ratio of the
T6 and T7 tractors and
the CR combine with
SmartTrax™ rubber
tracks which decrease
soil compaction.
Additionally, the CR
range’s Opti-Spread™
system ensures
a wide spread of finely
chopped residue which
produces a uniform
mulch; ideal for
no-till operations.
A decrease in farm
inputs can be achieved
with innovative
solutions like
IntelliRate™ control
technology, which
enhances spraying
precision with
controlled boom
sections to prevent
yield-impacting under
laps and wasteful
The challenges
of tomorrow
As a partner of IAD
(Institut de l’Agriculture
Durable), a centre
of expertise created
to discuss and debate
strategies, as well
as drive projects
and initiatives for
confronting the farming
challenges of 2050,
New Holland is actively
seeking to improve
agricultural business and
the environment.
agriculture not only
helps farmers boost
profits, it also improves
the environment in
which they work, that’s
why we’ve placed it
at the heart of our
Clean Energy Leader
strategy,” explains
Franco Fusignani, Brand
President New Holland
Agriculture. “We are
currently introducing
some new no-till drills
to promote this growing
agricultural concept.”
New Holland will
continue to support
farmers in transitioning
to a more sustainable
way of farming
by providing the
best machines and
equipment for engaging
the principles of
conservation agriculture.
We will work closely
with experts and
agronomists to come
up with the best
solutions to address the
challenges of the future.
We are your partner for improving business
and the environment, creating solutions
today to face the challenges of tomorrow
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