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Three new T6 tractors with Auto Command
give farmers the power to command
the fields while respecting the environment
n order to be profitable
and keep up in today’s
world of modern
farming, it’s imperative
that you make the most
out of your land, time
and resources, like fuel.
The highly acclaimed
range of T6 tractors
now has three new Auto
Command™ continuously
variable transmission
models to guarantee that
professional farmers,
contractors and specialist
agribusinesses have the
powerful yet comfortable
operating they demand,
combined with the benefits
of efficient, clean-running
machines that are
T4A compliant.
New Holland’s compact,
four-cylinder T6.140,
T6.150 and T6.160 models
produce up to 163hp
and an impressive 676Nm
of torque at a mere
1500rpm with Engine
Power Management (EPM).
With the Auto Command™
transmission, these tractors
are ready to command
even the most unruly
tasks and operating
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