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To help farmers increase
both efficiency
and productivity,
the T6 Auto Command™
will soon be compatible
with New Holland’s
IntelliSteer™ fully integrated
auto guidance system.
Used together with PLM
software by New Holland,
the T6 gives operators
the tools to command
field operations - creating
prescription rate maps,
in-field guidance paths,
and granting pass-to-
pass accuracy of 1-2cm
- to increase yields and
significantly reduce field
compaction, inputs
and fuel consumption.
Chief of Fuel
The 125 litre/minute CCLS
hydraulic pump, which
comes standard on all T6
Auto Command™ models,
ensures oil flow is supplied
only when it’s demanded
and it decreases the engine
speed requirement.
This allows the Auto
Command CVT to be
engaged as much as
possible and take full
advantage of its fuel-
saving potential - ultimately
lowering operators’
running costs.
Comfort and Style
New Holland machines
have changed the rules;
working doesn’t have to
feel like work. The T6 Auto
Command™ is no exception.
Operators will feel like
it’s their day off thanks
to smart design and the
SideWinder™ II armrest that
has won multiple awards
for ergonomic excellence.
The armrest and the entire
console can also be moved
or shifted for customised
The CommandGrip™ multi-
function handle combines all
the key controls for intuitive
operating and makes it easy
to fine tune target speeds
and activate the cruise mode.
Using force-based logic,
increasing and decreasing
speed is as simple as pushing
the CommandGrip™ handle
forward or pulling it back.
The T6 Auto Command™
Lightweight Power
With power-to-weight ratios
as low as 30 kg/hp, the
best in the segment, the
T6 with Auto Command™
supplies power without
compaction. When EPM is
activated, it provides engine
power usually reserved for
larger, heavier tractors.
While it offers higher
payloads for transport tasks,
the compact, lightweight
design makes operating and
manoeuvring easy, while
helping reduce compaction
in the field. The benefits
of decreased compaction
rates include healthier, more
productive soil and, most
importantly, higher yields.
The international award-
winning Auto Command™
transmission utilises intuitive
harvesting operating logic
to optimise mechanical
drive. Proven effective on
over 10,000 transmissions
put into motion to date,
Auto Command™ reliably
delivers peak efficiency
at the most frequently
used operating speeds
for cultivation and
high-speed transport.
range has been upgraded
with Horizon™ Cab, the
industry benchmark for
comfort. In both low-profile
and standard roof variations,
these tractor models offer
the ultimate in operator
comfort. In response to
customer feedback, air
conditioning, Bluetooth radio
and the lighting controls have
been positioned together on
a roof-mounted panel.
The rear tinted window
reduces the impact of harsh
solar heat. Extra storage and
charging points provide a
convenient place for placing
mobile phones or an MP3
player while operating.
Putting operators in prime
position with full command
is the completely integrated
IntelliView™ III interactive
monitor, or the optional
26.4cm, ultra widescreen
IntelliView™ IV monitor.
It has been precision
mounted to guarantee that
the operator’s natural line of
sight is clear for the entire
work area. All parameters
can be analysed and
modified on the go via
the easy-to-use colour
touch screen.
Blue Power Version
Luxury can be an everyday
experience with the
Blue Power T6.160 Auto
Command™. In addition
to the optional luxury
pack for the T6, the Blue
Power version features
distinctive exterior styling
and luxurious details that
make a long work day go
by quickly. “The T6 Auto
Command range is set
to become the default
choice for professional
farmers, contractors and
specialist agribusinesses,”
explained Luca Mainardi,
Head of Tractor Product
Management at New
Holland. “High PTO power
makes this range perfect
for specialist row crop and
vegetable operations and
low soil compaction figures
are ideal for professional
spraying contractors.
Smooth acceleration and
deceleration facilitate high-
speed transport and industry
leading ECOBlue™ SCR
technology completes this
efficient package.”
SCR Technology
As the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland is committed to offering a wide range
of clean energy equipment as they to seek sustainable farming solutions.
Running on ECOBlue™ SCR technology, the new T6 models have low emissions
and are Tier 4A compliant. This innovative technology developed exclusively
by New Holland grants numerous advantages and the numbers speak for themselves;
it allows up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and helps operators slash
their carbon footprint by as much as 19%.
Efficient operating, but never lacking power. The Engine Power Management feature
further helps optimise fuel consumption while providing a 33hp boost to take on
challenging operating conditions.
to find out how much carbon you could save.
Command the fields. The power to take on
tough jobs and the power to boost on-the-job
efficiency is now in your hands
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