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he tractor range
designed for
livestock farmers
and small-size mixed
farmers is now
even better.
Tier 4A, Common Rail
technology and with
three higher horsepower
premium tractors, the
new T4 series is capable
of increasing your
productivity on any
number of jobs, from
extensive hay and forage,
feeding and transport
applications to cultivating
and hand sowing.
The power behind
the T4 is a 3.4 litre,
Common Rail F5C engine
created specifically
for agricultural and
livestock operations.
In fact, the engine
delivers between
86 – 107hp and
runs with sustained
maximum power within
the most common
operating range - from
1900 -2300rpm - for
outstanding flexibility
when carrying out most
tasks. Productivity is
guaranteed even in
demanding environments
as the T4 offers
maximum torque of
up to 444Nm and an
impressive 35%
torque rise.
Tier 4A efficiency
T4 models are Tier 4A
compliant, thanks in
part to state-of-the-art
Cooled Exhaust Gas Re-
circulation technology
(CEGR) which works
to reduce the engine’s
cooling demands.
Exceptional transient
response is granted by
the precision fuelling
system integrated
into these Common
Rail engines.
Plus, all engines are
compliant with B20,
allowing them to run on
20% biodiesel.
Long work days fly
by with the deluxe
VisionView™ cab
developed exclusively
by New Holland.
Designed around
the operator using
advanced virtual reality
techniques, this cab is
ergonomically tailored
to maximize on-the-
job productivity.
One example is the
ergonomic ‘Command
Arc’ where the
electronic draft control
( EDC) mouse and all
the other main controls
are located.
Operators will
appreciate the all
new dual zone air
conditioning system
and will also notice the
spacious feel of the
VisionView™ cab, now
20% larger than before
yet with low overall
height enabling access
to small spaces.
True to its name, with
the VisionView™ cab
the field of vision is
completely clear. The
exhaust muffler has
been repositioned and
cur ved and opening rear
side windows have been
added for all-around
unsurpassed visibility.
In addition to the
wide tyre selection,
extensive transmission
offering, front linkage
configurations and
flexible PTO options
available for T4 tractors,
the variety of hydraulic
packages makes it
possible to select
the right tractor to suit
your individual needs.
The 48l /min pump for
hydraulic application
is perfect for standard
farming work.
The MegaFlowTM
variant, supplying 64L /
min of hydraulic flow
to the main pump
ensures uniform
performance in even
the most challenging
conditions. Additionally,
the ser vices pump,
providing 36 l /min.,
ensures that steering
is always light
and responsive.
Three rear and two mid-
mount hydraulic remote
valves can be fitted.
Most T4 models are
available in the ROPS
variant for standard
operating safety.
The foldable ROPS
is a great option for
working in enclosed
areas or spaces with low
overhead clearance.
The full FOPS ( Fall on
Protection System)
compliant canopy
ensures the utmost
safety and both
options guarantee
the same great
operating environment
and ergonomic layout
as cabbed models.
A wide range
of exclusive
New Holland
solutions ensure
that you have
the perfect
T4 tractor
for the job
the New T4
The T4 tractor range has been completely
redesigned and upgraded
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