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roundcare covers
a lot of ground,
literally. It includes
everything from small
agriculture operations
to landscaping and
gardening businesses,
personal lawn care
to municipalities,
golf clubs to recreational
facilities. This year,
New Holland is renewing
its commitment to this
category by building
a specialised network of
experienced dealers and
a dedicated service team.
Specifically designed to
meet the varied needs of
groundcare customers,
they have also developed
a series of compact
tractors. The new product
offering has infused
New Holland’s DNA of
quality, reliability and
technological innovation
into multi-application
machines with nine new
models that develop
between 23 and 51 hp.
Boomer 20-50
New Holland offers
a full line up of tractors
fit to meet the demands
for both personal and
professional groundcare.
Six new compact Boomer
models deliver between
23 to 47 hp and are
available with a choice of
mechanical and hydrostatic
transmission options.
All the power demanded
for mowing grass
or ploughing snow
and soil with the ease
of a full-sized tractor
is delivered thanks
to the super efficient
three and four-cylinder
engines and the dual-
pump hydraulic system.
Durable construction,
high ground clearance,
four-wheel drive and
the differential lock foot
pedal make the Boomers
20-50 ready to handle all
conditions, guaranteeing
sufficient traction even in
slippery mud and snow.
STARCO tyres come
standard on all Boomer
20-50 models and
are fit for a variety of
applications, such as
agriculture, turf, and
industrial. New Holland’s
advanced Sensitrak™
traction management
option is perfect for
working on fine turf,
protecting it even
on tight turns.
The all new
Boomer range
power and
with New
proven reliability
At the same time,
the small size of these
Boomer models grants
easy access to tight
work areas, light-weight
manoeuvrability and
easy steering. With the
SuperSteer™ option
developed by New
Holland, the Boomer
20-50 has a turning angle
of 75° and a turning
radius of less than 2,800
mm. The Boomer 20-50
series guarantees the
flexibility and quick
implement response that
efficient groundcare
requires. With these
models, moving from one
type of task to another
is quick and simple;
smart engineering has
taken the hassle out of
changing implements.
Plus, a full package
of tools, for example
mower decks, front
loaders or snow-removal
implements, is supplied
exclusively to the
New Holland network
thanks to their partner,
Boomer 3000
Three higher hp Boomer
3000 models, which
transmit from 41 to 51
hp, are the only ones
in this category to have
the extra advantage of
New Holland’s industry-
leading EasyDrive™
continuously variable
transmission (CVT).
The innovative CVT has
the fixed speed capability
of a mechanical
transmission in addition
to the ease of hydrostatic
drive. Benefits include
quiet, efficient
performance and smooth
speed progression
up to 30 kph.
Operator comfort
is enhanced with
ergonomically located,
colour-coded controls,
radio, ample operating
space and extended
legroom, as well as
reduced engine noise.
The Super Suite™ Cab is
the most spacious and
comfortable cab
available for this type
of machine, offering
superior noise insulation,
all-round visibility
with the addition of
a roof hatch and fully
adjustable heating
and air conditioning.
Another great tool
to have on hand for
groundcare operations
is the New Holland
Rustler™ 120.
With rugged performance
and smooth ride,
it is a true taskmaster
helping accomplish jobs
on the farm, ranch,
construction site,
golf course or
recreational facility.
With a dedicated support
network and specifically
designed tractors, New Holland
has laid out new ground rules
for great groundcare
Ground Rules
Features like the pivoting hood
and easy-to-access routine maintenance
points, make it easy to keep Boomer
models in tip-top shape
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