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New Holland Agriculture is strengthening its global leadership in the specialised tractor sector
through continual development of its specialty tractors in the lower horse power range, like the
new T3F. Recently, New Holland also extended its product offering for the higher horsepower
segment with the launch of the 106hp T4000VNF, named “The Best Of Specialized 2013”
The First Ever
The latest New Holland tractor
to hit the market, the T3F
is the first ever compact
specialty tractor
ew Holland is
the worldwide
leader in specialty
tractors and it proves this
again with the launch
of the T3F series, which
completes the lower
horsepower range of
machinery designed and
engineered specifically
for specialty tasks.
These four models
combine New Holland’s
signature compact design
with the perfect power
supply for orchard,
viticulture and gardening
businesses as well as
“Operators will no longer
have to trade off size
for power: the new T3F
will satisfy their power
demands in intensive
vineyards and slip
between narrow rows
without damaging or
overlooking valuable
crops because T3F models
have an ultra-narrow
body - 1,350mm at its
widest point. Tight turns
are no problem either
with the 3.4m turning
radius, 45° turning angle
and 1,860 mm wheel
base. The forward-folding
ROPS also grants easy
access into spaces with
low overhead clearance.
The entire T3F range
runs on powerful three-
cylinder, 2.9 litre, turbo-
charged and intercooled
S8000 engines, which
develop between 50 –
72hp, a hefty punch fit
for a variety of specialised
tasks and flexible enough
for your specific business.
True to the FPT Industrial
name, the S8000 engines
are fuel efficient and
fully compatible with
B100, 100% biodiesel,
while offering top in-field
performance with high
torque and an impressive
34% of torque backup.
The T3F series features
two fixed displacement
hydraulic pumps that
supply a flow rate of 84
litres/minute. Braking is
enhanced with the 52
litre/minute pump for the
three remote values and
the trailer brakes and a 32
litre/minute service pump
ensures consistently light
and responsive steering.
Lifting and lowering
rear-mounted implements
is smooth and simple
with the mechanically
operated hydraulic hitch,
which comes standard
throughout the tractor
range. New Holland’s
renowned Lift-O-Matic™
system moves implements
to a pre-set height
with an easy-to-use
rocker switch and,
even at full capacity
- 2,277kg, ‘soft-drop’
technology guarantees
the implement
is gently returned
to work, optimising
reliability and longevity
of the machinery.
T3F models are also
fitted with hydraulically
assisted PTO actuation,
for smooth engagement.
The PTO automatically
disengages when
the tractor is switched
off, for enhanced
operating safety.
Comfort and Design
The T3F was designed
to offer the ideal
combination of comfort
and durability. Its
suspended platform
assures perfect noise
and vibration isolation,
supporting an operator
environment of
unbeatable comfort
and ergonomics.
From the large,
adjustable seat,
the operator has an
unlimited range of
visibility on all sides.
Controls are easy
to reach and the
instrument panel is clear
and intuitive, providing
the key operating
parameters at a glance.
Everything is designed
to reduce fatigue,
maximize work rates
and boost productivity.
said Luca Mainardi,
Head of Tractor
and PLM Product
Management. Building on
New Holland’s tradition
of excellence in producing
specialty tractors,
this revolutionary
tractor series gives
operators the power,
hydraulic performance,
comfort and rugged
design that they need
to take on every
specialised job.
First in Compact
Operators can now
manoeuvre effortlessly
around orchards and
The T3F is the first specialised
tractor that can deliver the power
without the bulk
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