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In First Place
The range-topping T4060F
has been named top of its
class - Tractor of the Year 2013
ew Holland was
recently awarded
the distinguished
title of Tractor of
the Year in the ‘Best of
Specialized’ category
at the 2012 EIMA event.
At the top of the range,
the T4060F represents
the best that specialty
tractors have to offer.
The new 106hp T4060F
model was developed with
specialty applications in
mind - orchard, narrow
and vineyard. This model
supplies a high power
output in a compact
machine that is ready to
tackle highly specialised
tasks. It produces a
maximum power output
of 106hp at 2,300 rpm,
running on a 4.5 litre,
turbo-charged, intercooled
Nef engine, which is fully
compliant with B100
making it functional with
100% biodiesel. Plus, the
T4060 boasts 31% torque
rise for challenging tasks
and difficult conditions.
To celebrate the award,
the entire T4000F/N/V
series has been renamed
T4F/N/V. The whole
T4F/N/V range offers
outstanding operating
efficiency and fuel savings
of up to 5% is possible
thanks to the new PTO
ratio. The stylish series also
features a rear outlet from
mid-mounted valve block
controlled by an electro-
proportional joystick and
now benefits from the
exclusive New Holland Lift-
O-Matic™ Plus system and
the Specialty Spreader Kit
for variable rate spreading.
Read on to find out more
about these, and other,
great new features.
Top Efficiency
Transmission options in
the T4F/N/ V range grant
the right amount of
power to fit your needs
and advanced features
include powershuttle,
power clutch, and creep
speed options.
The new Park Lock
system available on Dual-
Command tractors works
by mechanically locking
the transmission for extra
safety when parking on
steep inclines. Using
the colour touchscreen
FM750 display it is easy
to monitor all the key
parameters, including
actual working speed
based on GPS signals,
worked area, fertilizer
application rate and
the remaining amount
of fertilizer. Advanced
row-tracing technology
provides invaluable
information for increased
infield efficiency,
identifying the rows
that have been covered
to prevent overlaps.
Under Control
Modern attachments
often need three or more
remote valves. No problem
for the T4F/N/V; up to
three remotes, plus two
push-button controlled
flow dividers, allow as
many as 10 outlets to be
specified. A redesigned
mid-mounted valve block
now allows eight hydraulic
outlets operated by
electro-hydraulic valves
to be fitted in addition to
four outlets at the rear of
the tractor. With the flip
of a switch, the integrated
spool valve for hydraulic
motor is activated and
the oil flow rate can be
adjusted as required
(max 33 l/min.) via the
electrical control valve.
The award-winning
mechanical hydraulic
control Lift-O-Matic™ Plus
system raises and lowers
the rear linkage on turns,
while maintaining position
and draft settings, and
the lever makes precise
adjustments possible.
Spreader Kit
New Holland knows that
for growers productivity
demands optimised inputs
and maximised outputs.
The Specialty Spreader Kit
available for the T4060F
uses GPS technology to
adjust fertilizer application
rates with respect to
location and speed.
Once the area is mapped,
identifying high and low-
yield zones, New Holland
PLM™ software analyses
the data and transfers it
to the on-board precision
farming package that
adjusts fertilizer application
accordingly. Accounting for
variances in topography,
soil types and work rate,
it ultimately increases yields
and can decrease fertilizer
input by as much as 15%.
Blue Cab
Available with the
advanced Blue Cab,
T4F/N/V tractors offer
optimal protection
and operators feel its
benefits from the start:
thermostatically controlled
air conditioning and clear
all-round visibility,
as well as New Holland’s
unrivaled ergonomic
details. Provided with anti-
pollen, recirculation and
active carbon filters,
the Blue Cab meets
category 2 EN 15695–1
requirements. The air
delivery and filtration
system blocks dust,
while the ventilation
system draws in 20%
more air than standard
cabs, quickly stabilising
the internal temperature.
Overall, the Blue Cab
ensures a clean, fresh,
comfortable work
Special tractors
for specialty tasks.
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