PLM® Software





This is the main package for record keeping of fields, mapping and analysis. You can layer a variety of topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance, and compare these with average multiple year maps to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Variable rate prescription maps using formulas based on soil types can also be created, together with yield or other maps. Guidance paths can be created or edited, and reports can be printed for seeds varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertiliser usage, equipment maintenance and more.

• Set up clients, farms, fields, and crop/year enterprises for quick access to field records
• Track inputs, production, and crop rotation information
• Enter crop plans for product ordering, budgeting, equipment usage, and employee allocation
• Design and print invoices for custom farming or other jobs
• Create variety maps manually or import them from precision farming hardware
• Analyze the performance of different varieties across your farm
• Layer variety maps with yield maps to analyze performance
• Average multiple years of yield maps together to discover consistently high and low yielding areas
• Create advanced variable rate prescription maps using formulas
• Enter or import the results of soil tests and generate a map of the data
• Create, edit and manage guidance paths






Download your copy of PLM® Software compatible with Microsoft Windows. Requires an activation key that can be purchased from your local New Holland dealer.














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