Service Plus - Mechanical Breakdown Cover

Service Plus - Breakdown Insurance Cover 



Service Plus breakdown cover gives total peace of mind against many unforeseen component failures, beyond the product’s standard 12 month manufacturer’s warranty period. The scheme can be configured to suit the customer’s requirements :-
  • Cover for an additional 2, 3 or 4 years
  • From 1,200 to 6,500 hours of total cover
  • Excess payment options of between £0 and £200

Non exhaustive list of items that ARE covered by Service Plus:

Engine: Cylinder block, cylinder head and internal parts, turbo compressor, oil cooler, engine cooling radiator, water pump, cooling fan and motor, fuel pump, rigid piping.
Transmission: housing, internal parts and gaskets/seals of the transmission: bearings, gears, shafts, hydraulic clutches, hydraulic valves, and all hydrostatic transmission components.
Hydraulic equipment: Pumps and motors, hydraulic valves, regulator valve.
Front and Rear axles: Bearings, gears, shafts, differential.
Steering: Pump, steering valve, steering rods, seals.
Electrical equipment: Alternator, starter, all electrical harnesses, actuators, switches.
Electronic equipment: All electronic modules, harnesses.
Cab: Cab frame and internal controls: levers, switches, steering wheel, dash board.

Non exhaustive list of items that are NOT covered by Service Plus:-

Wearing parts: Belts, chains, batteries, bulbs, clutches (dry mono-disc), brakes, tyres, pivot joint, suspension components.
Miscellaneous parts: Glass, mirrors, panel work, flexible hoses, filters, exhaust (silencers and tubes)
Others: Oil, fluids, glues, consumables.
Extra expenses: Waste reprocessing, recovery of used oils and gas, vehicle recovery and travelling time, taxes including VAT.
Any Failures caused by: An accident or a collision, a fire, an explosion, a natural event (storm, hail, flood, avalanche...), an act of negligence, deliberate or fraudulent fault of the Insured, absorption of a foreign substance, the normal mechanical wear of the equipment, a lack of maintenance.