• Firm bales

    The Model BR6080 can be specified with a 2.00m wide pick-up with 112 tines on four tine bars. Two stub augers bring the crop to the 1.40m wide crank type feeder, which transfers it to the 1.20m wide bale chamber. This narrowing of the crop’s path helps produce a bale with good side fill and square shoulders.
  • Double wrapping speed

    The two separate twines of the Twin Twine wrapping system cut wrapping time in half. Dispensers introduce the twines separately and apply them in steady spirals. Choice of system, choice of amount The twine guides are activated by a cord or an optional electric twine start feature. There is a choice of three twine wrapping patterns.
  • Right density and perfect shape

    The large diameter floor roll takes the crop off the rear of the pick-up ensures a good start to the bale formation process. It also supports the weight of the bale as it grows in the bale chamber. Rotation bars that become embedded in the bale contribute to a positive rolling action, producing bales that can be unrolled to the core.