• High field capacity

    The New Holland Roll-Bar™ Baler Model BR6090 has a 2 metre wide pick-up with all the characteristics that provide a high operating speed. Two sturdy pick-up wheels ensure excellent ground following and the hydraulic pick-up lift increases manoeuvrability for high daily output.
  • Powerful bale formation

    Premier bale formation in all crops is ensured by a floor roll and a starter roller, together with high tensile steel bale rotation bars. This all results in early core formation and positive rolling action in all crops and conditions.
  • Quality bales

    The positive start to bale formation permits the complete unrolling of the bale. Chop length can be adjusted by selecting fifteen, seven or eight CropCutter™ knives. Hard faced knives are available for more bales between each sharpening.
  • Easy material distribution, high quality silage

    When fitted with the CropCutter™, the Model BR6090 can operate with up to fifteen knives engaged in the feeder system. Cutting the incoming crop will increase the bale density and the silage quality. For bedding applications the cut material will be more evenly distributed.