• Increased output in high volume crops

    Closely spaced curved tines, wide pneumatic gauge wheels and a very efficient pick-up flotation system contribute to the Super Sweep™ pick-up action. The standard plate and tine windguard can be fitted with an optional feed roller kit. The roller improves crop transfer in high volume crops and helps make the crop layers more even so has a positive influence on the baler’s overall performance.
  • Ready for long storage

    The 2.00m wide pick-up on the BR6090 can tackle the widest windrows and makes “weaving” almost unnecessary, so reducing operator fatigue. This results in equal filling of the bale for more uniform density and increased stability-even over longer storage periods.
  • Improved silage quality

    The 1.40m wide cutting rotor with fifteen three-lobe double fingers positively transfers the crop to the bale chamber. With the CropCutter™ system engaged, bale density is increased and silage quality improved.
  • No escape, easy clearing

    The design of the rotor lobes and knives prevents uncut crop entering the bale chamber and a “knife out” indicator warns the operator should a knife not be in the cutting position. A uniform cut ensures quality silage and ease of distribution. A hydraulic rotor reverser kit allows clearing a rotor blockage from the tractor seat.
  • Maintaining a high field output

    The high clutch torque setting on the main driveline significantly reduces blockages and improves the feeding regularity. This adds to the high daily output. The use of separate tensioners for the main apron chain, eliminates the need to reposition the tailgate shaft. The standard central oiling system on the rotor models also lubricates the main Roll-Bar apron chain.