• Stay in the seat

    Both BR7000 models have an audible slip clutch protection on the pick-up. The ratchet clutch prevents mechanical overload and allows the operator to continue baling without having to leave the tractor should the pick-up become obstructed. An optional hydraulic rotor reverser that is operated from the comfort of the tractor cab can also be specified. It allows controlled removal of any material blockage.
  • Long chain life

    Automatic chain lubrication uses individual brushes. The central oil pump has eight distribution pipes through which all the chains are lubricated. The system cycle starts automatically each time the tailgate is opened. Chain tension springs have tension indicators for easy adjustment, longer chain life and quieter machine operation.

    Rely on the twine introduction

    Two leaf springs inside the twine delivery tubes not only provide the right twine tension but also ensure a swift start to the wrapping cycle.