• Rely on the professionals

    New Holland, the Specialist round baler manufacturer, has always been at the forefront of crop rolling techniques. Ever since round balers made their first appearance New Holland has been improving the principle. The new variable chamber models BR7060 and BR7070 are the latest examples of this continuous development process.
  • Up to 25% more bales per day

    Smooth, efficient collection and transportation of the crop from windrow to bale results in a significant output increase. The standard flow windguard can be fitted with a plate or a roller front extension to further improve flow in certain crops. The BR7000 models featuring the fork type feeder have long stroke tines that reach right to the back of the pick-up and deliver the crop to the bale chamber floor. This gives enhanced crop control and a more even crop layer, allowing the baler to work at a higher travel speeds.
  • Excellent field performance from the Roll-Belt™ system

    The combination of rollers and belts produces the best bales. Rollers assure a positive rolling action in all crops and support the bale while it is formed for additional baler durability. Belts provide a uniform density and a perfect bale finish. The pick-up is wide and has the appetite to match the baler’s capacity. Advanced wrapping technologies provide trouble free handling and conservation.
  • Boosting overall capacity

    The BR7000 range produces firm and perfectly shaped bales at a high rate. Thanks to the new large rotor diameter on SuperFeed™ II or CropCutter™ II models an overall capacity increase of more than 20% can be achieved in most crops.