T4000 Deluxe & SuperSteer

65 to 97 hp




    SuperSteer™ front axles with Auto 4WD management are unique to New Holland. Offering an effective steering angle of 76°, a T4000 SuperSteer™ tractor can offer a turn radius as low as 3400mm for truly outstanding agility. The way in which the axle moves as the steering lock is increased helps to reduce front wheel scrub. Also as soon as the steering angle exceeds 50°, 4WD is disengaged to optimism manoeuvrability and reduce damage to sensitive surfaces. Drive to the front axle is engaged if the rear wheels slip relative to those at the front. On slopes of 10° 4WD is engaged to ensure safety when ascending or descending. When both brake pedals are pressed together, drive to the front axle is also engaged to help increase stability. A system override is standard.