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New Holland sponsors the 2007 Biofuels Conference 
New Holland has announced its sponsorship of the 2007 Biofuels Conference to be held in Newark, Nottinghamshire, on 17 and 18 October. The Biofuels Conference will run in conjunction with the Biodiesel-Expo 2007, Europe's largest industry event.

The sponsorship highlights New Holland’s continuing commitment to the promotion of biodiesel. Since its announcement last year supporting the use of biodiesel blends up to 20% (B20), New Holland has led the way in promoting the use of biodiesel in agriculture and the brand now has the highest number of 100% biodiesel (B100) approved products in the industry. New Holland is driving forward its intensive biodiesel testing programme, which includes involvement in projects for the development of biodiesel made from Jatropha.

“Biodiesel use and its production are important issues for our customers,” says Christian González, New Holland marketing director. “The development of biofuels from oil seed rape, sunflower oil or non-food crops, such as Jatropha, enables farmers to lower the environmental impact of their machinery and by growing the crops required to meet the rising demand for biodiesel, they can also access an important revenue stream for their businesses.

New Holland stresses the importance of using biodiesel that meets specified industry standards for fuel quality (EN14214) to ensure an engine’s optimum performance and durability and, in collaboration with the UK’s Eden Project, is running a joint 100% biodiesel test programme.

New Holland will take part in the conference with a presentation on the role of biofuels in agriculture. A display of the brand’s products will feature prominently outside the venue, showing a selection of New Holland machinery that can run on 100% biodiesel, while a team of  specialists will be on hand to give delegates the latest information on the use of biodiesel in agricultural equipment.




New Holland targets CropTec 2014 with Precision Land ManagementCropTec 2014 will be the opportunity for farmers to see for themselves how the efficiency of New Holland’s Precision Land Management can cut waste, boost profits and free-up time.


New Holland Agriculture smashes the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for most wheat harvested within eight hours with the CR10.90 combineNew Holland Agriculture has reclaimed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title, harvesting an impressive 797.656 tonnes of wheat in eight hours with the world’s most powerful combine: the 653hp CR10.90.

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