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New Holland CR combine wins Gold and Silver Medals at Agritechnica 
New Holland’s latest CR Elevation rotary combine has won three medals at Europe’s premier machinery show, Agritechnica, to be held in Hannover, Germany from 11 to 17 November.

A gold medal for the combine’s Grain Cam™ system and two silver medals for the Opti-Clean™ cleaning shoe and IntelliCruise™ system were bestowed on the CR Elevation combine by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) in a pre-show competition that recognises the technical innovation and the production benefits of new technologies. The latest features highlight New Holland’s continuous and innovative approach to product development, further raising the productivity levels on the high-capacity CR combine range.

Gold Medal: Grain Cam System
The gold-medal winning Grain Cam system monitors the grain sample quality as it travels up the clean grain elevator, displaying the image on the IntelliView II™ monitor. The sensor detects and calculates the amount of ‘material other than grain’ (MOG), which includes broken grains, using image processing software to analyse the sample displayed. The operator can adjust the cleaning shoe and threshing system to maintain or improve the grain sample. The Grain Cam system, which will be available in season 2009, is the first on the market and marks an important step towards fully automated combine process control.

Silver Medal: Opti-CleanTM System
To handle the increased power and capacity of the CR Elevation combine, New Holland has developed a new cleaning shoe. The Opti-Clean system uses independent suspension of the grain pan and sieves so that the movement of each individual component can be optimised. The Opti-Clean shoe is the first to allow opposite movement of the pan and upper sieve, increasing the cascade height for greater separation capacity and more aggressive cleaning with less overall vibration level.

Silver Medal: IntelliCruise™ System
The IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system, which also won a silver medal from the DLG, monitors crop load on the header to ensure a smooth optimisation of the driving speed. A  sensor on the header and the straw elevator drive monitors the amount of crop being fed into the combine and provide early detection of variation in crop load. The combine’s forward speed is automatically adjusted based upon this information resulting in consistent and optimum performance and maximum operator comfort.




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