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New Holland FR9000 Forager: The power to increase productivity 
  • FR9000 Series - five all-new models from 424hp to 824hp
  • Largest cutter head in the industry, up to 15% bigger than the competition
  • Power Cruise™ - a new driving concept
  • Turbo Compound technology on FR9060 - saving fuel while maintaining power
  • Variflow™ system- powerful unloading in every crop type
  • New cab - unrestricted views and detailed information
  • MetaLoc™ system – Metal detector and locator

New Holland's FR9000 Series forage harvesters have been designed with the farmer and contactor in mind. The all-new machines introduce the next generation of powerful engines and innovative features to the harvester market, raising the bar on productivity, ease-of-use and driver comfort.

More power and productivity
The FR9000 forage harvester is powered by a new turbo-charged engine that provides high levels of horsepower, torque and an impressive power rise.

The flagship FR9090, for example, features a 56hp power rise from its rated power of 768hp to a maximum power of 824hp at 2000rpm. The power rise, and associated torque rise of 25% from 2100rpm to 2000rpm, enables the FR9000 to quickly overcome varying crop conditions, inspiring driver confidence and boosting productivity.

Taking advantage of this prodigious power, New Holland's Power Cruise™ system is able to maintain the highest work rate in the prevailing conditions, ensuring the FR9000 is always working to the best of its capabilities. With the optimum engine speed fixed for maximum performance, Power Cruise will continually monitor the actual power required and adapt the forward speed of the FR9000 to reach the highest possible work rate. By maintaining the ideal engine speed, not only is reliability increased but the chop length of the crop is also precisely controlled.

Cutting costs and chopping more
The new forage harvester features the largest cutterhead in the business, up to 15% wider and larger in diameter than the competition designed to run smoothly and efficiently in varying crop loads due to its high inertia. The cutter head can be equipped with 2x8, 2x12 or as many as 2x16 knives in V-shape configuration.

Careful positioning of the crop processor and blower, and the ability to reduce the distance between them by 60% when working in grass, ensures the optimum movement of crop and lower fuel consumption. The power requirement is reduced by 40hp in grass work.

The new Variflow™ system dramatically reduces the power required for the blower by maintaining the speed of chopped crop as it is transferred from the cutterhead to the blower, enabling the crop to continue its momentum. The crop is sent from the blower in a concentrated jet, which is ensures accurate control and good compaction in the trailer.

As with the crop processor, the Variflow system can be altered between its two-position settings in less than two minutes by one operator without tools. This in-field flexibility enables grass, maize or wholecrop to be harvested in turn without delays from extensive setup changes.

Fuel efficiency is further enhanced by the engine's Turbo Compound technology, a feature of the Iveco Cursor engine on the FR9060. New Holland has been the first to recognise and apply the benefit of this technology to agricultural equipment, which uses the energy from the turbo-charger exhaust gases to directly power the engine crankshaft via a hydrodynamic coupling.  This translates to an 8% fuel saving for the same engine power, and a 20% fuel saving when the Power Cruise driving system is used on the road. The FR is still able to travel at 40kph with the maximum engine speed limited. In addition to the important fuel and money saving, the lower engine speed results in a much quieter and more comfortable drive.

Uncompromised chop quality
Precise control of chop length and crop processing is essential for farmers and contractors looking to attain the highest nutritional value from their forage. Customers' demands vary by crop type, crop quality and feeding regimes.

Power to the cutterhead, blower and crop processor is independent of power to the harvester's hydrostatic drive. The constant engine speed guarantees a consistent chopper speed to provide best chop quality.

The FR9000's HydroLoc feed roll drive system allows chop length to be adjusted instantly and on the move. The efficient hydrostatic drive optimises speed synchronisation between the attachment and feed rolls, aligning the crop uniformly and producing a consistent chop length.

A clean cut between the knives and shearbar is vital in dry maize and can be achieved by optimising the knife profile. The ability to sharpen knives and adjust the shearbar while the cutterhead is running in reverse is a useful option on the FR9000.

Designed to be driven easily
The intensive performance demands dictated by seasonal use are easily met by the FR9000. Power and reliability are matched by easy operation and supreme comfort. While Power Cruise optimises fuel consumption of the road and work rate in the field, many automated functions further increase efficiency. Automatic headland control avoids spills during turns, synchronises reel and ground speed, auger and feeder speed and returns the header to the correct cutting height.

Spout set points can be established on either the right or left, allowing the spout to be quickly returned to the ideal angle when working with a trailer.

Large, curved windows surround the operator providing an unrestricted view through 360 degrees. The cab doors have been shaped not only to provide easy access but to continue the panoramic view, providing the operator outstanding visibility on every side of the FR9000.

The longitudinal positioning of the engine allows it to be mounted low in the machine, enhancing the rear visibility and providing a low centre of gravity. Even with heavy attachments, on-road stability is excellent up to the FR9000's 40kph top speed.

The FR9000 uses the same IntelliView™ II monitor fitted to the brand's CR and CX flagship combines. The easy-to-navigate, colour display provides all the important operating information, including New Holland's MetaLoc™ metal detection system. The display identifies the location of the object for easy extraction, essential with the large size of the FR9000's chopping unit.

Model      Engine power at 2100 rpm      Maximum engine power at 2000 rpm
                  (ISO 14396 – ECE R120)        (ISO 14396 – ECE R120)
FR9040         395hp/291kW                        424hp/312kW
FR9050         466hp/343kW                        500hp/368kW
FR9060         537hp/395kW                        576hp/425kW
FR9080         639hp/470kW                        685hp/504kW
FR9090         768hp/565kW                        824hp/606kW




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