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Juventus Changes Partners 
Today Juventus Football Club and New Holland, the new official sponsor for the 2007/2008 season, celebrated the sponsosorship agreement at the Juventus Summer training camp in Pinzolo, in Italy’s Trentino region.  The agreement, signed on May 8 this year, between FIAT Group and Juventus Football Club S.p.A, will place the New Holland name on the famous black and white shirts for the next season.

The New Holland brand is itself comprises two companies in different market sectors. New Holland Agriculture, with its range of 300 products and long history, is a world leader in the production and sale of agricultural equipment. New Holland Construction, world leader in light construction equipment sector, is also one of the world’s top producers of heavy construction equipment. 
Lorenzo Sistino, New Holland Agriculture CEO, comments, “New Holland is world leader in agricultural mechanisation. Like Juventus, New Holland has more than 100 years of history and leadership behind it, and a determination to win, and to set and achieve new goals.  Our aim is to continue to grow in every country, with a range of cutting edge products, a network of more than 3000 dealers and unbeatable services for our customers. Having our logo on the Juventus players’ shirts will give us an additional boost, by bringing our brand into the homes of millions of fans and sports-lovers all over the world.”

Franco Fenoglio, New Holland Construction CEO, maintains: "New Holland is a world leader in the construction equipment sector. This agreement with Juventus is an expression of the shared values between our New Holland and one of the world’s best-known football teams. We always strive to satisfy our customers, rather like Juventus with its fans. We are state of the art in terms of technology, safety and environmental protection: positive values, of major importance to the public at large.  This agreement will make New Holland even better known to the public in general, and will ensure that our brand is recognised by an ever-growing number of people in Italy and around the world.”




New Holland targets CropTec 2014 with Precision Land ManagementCropTec 2014 will be the opportunity for farmers to see for themselves how the efficiency of New Holland’s Precision Land Management can cut waste, boost profits and free-up time.


New Holland Agriculture smashes the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for most wheat harvested within eight hours with the CR10.90 combineNew Holland Agriculture has reclaimed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, harvesting an impressive 797.656 tonnes of wheat in eight hours with the world’s most powerful combine: the 653hp CR10.90.

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