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New Holland Precision Land Management leads the way 
  • Three GPS guidance systems offering scalable accuracy
  • Auto steering improves productivity and lessens fatigue
  • High accuracy systems enable precision farming
  • Cross-machine compatibility lowers installation cost

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) systems enable operators to reduce inputs costs and improve productivity and efficiency. There are two essential elements in the PLM system, precision farming and GPS guidance.
New Holland now has a complete offering of manual, assisted and integrated guidance solutions available on the flagship T7000 and T8000 tractors, while CR9000 and CX8000 combines can be specified with the integrated guidance solution.

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) systems enable operators to reduce inputs costs and improve productivity and efficiency. There are two essential elements in the PLM system, precision farming and GPS guidance.

Growers are finding the economic benefits of GPS guidance in many diverse farming practices. High value crop producers see rapid payback from accurate plant placement and land use optimisation. Broad acre growers see payback from reductions in skips and overlaps in tillage, seeding and harvesting. Grassland farmers see payback when spreading and spraying on land without tramlines. As commodity prices increase, GPS guidance becomes an even more attractive proposition.

In addition to the benefits of input reduction and task optimisation, growers already using GPS guidance see the less measurable benefits of fatigue reduction and improved concentration. Machine operators who are less fatigued are more productive.

New Holland’s new manual guidance system is the EZ-Guide 500, comprising a bright colour multifunction LCD screen with the always present lightbar, which indicates whether the machine is to the left or right of the desired path. The new model offers a larger, easy-to-read screen and enhanced functionality over its predecessor, and takes only minutes to install.  The EZ-Guide™ 500 system uses the EGNOS – free to use – DGPS correction signal to deliver pass-to-pass accuracy of 15cm to 30cm, and provides the operator with a smooth line to follow.

Assisted Guidance provides hands free steerage, enabling the driver to monitor machine function without having to concentrate on steering. New Holland EZ-Steer combines a friction wheel with the GPS guidance from the EZ-Guide Plus or EZ-Guide 500 lightbars and turns the steering wheel for you, greatly reducing fatigue, and providing more accurate path following.

New Holland’s IntelliSteer™ system is the brand’s integrated guidance solution, offering the highest level of accuracy and the widest range of applications. The system is integrated into the design of the machine and is controlled via the new multifunction screens – IntelliView II or IntelliView Plus II. The Navigation Controller, which provides three axis terrain compensation for pitch, roll and yaw, commands a valve in the hydraulic steering system and ensures parallel passes when working either in a straight line, on curves, pivots or across undulating ground.

A pass-to-pass accuracy of 5cm to 10cm is achieved by augmenting the system with a Differential GPS (DGPS) signal that uses fixed base stations to correct small errors in the GPS signal. The IntelliSteer system can also operate with the most sophisticated DGPS setup, Real Time Kinematic (RTK), which uses a local base station on the farm, or a locally provided RTK network, to achieve a pass-to-pass accuracy of 1cm to 2cm. Economic improvements in precision planting, row cultivation and broad acre cropping, are all possible thanks to the high accuracy of this system.

New Holland EZ-Guide Plus, EZ-Guide 500 and EZ-Steer are installed by the dealer. IntelliSteer systems can be fitted in the factory or installed by the dealer. Customers ordering auto-guidance ready machines can also make use of IntelliSteer components installed on other machines, lowering the cost of installation.




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