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New Holland TC5000 combines provide proven productivity 
  • Three models from 170hp to 240hp
  • Five strawwalker models
  • Gentle crop treatment for high straw quality
  • Comfortable cab inspires confidence
  • Low cost built on proven reliability and performance

New Holland’s prodigious combine family offers the widest choice in the industry, allowing the brand’s customers to choose the right machine without compromise. The new TC5000 combine range expands the previous offering to include three five-strawwalker models from 170hp (125kW) to a new 240hp (177kW) top model. Built upon proven technology that has made their reliability famous, the new TC5000 is far from basic, benefiting from advances in engine and harvesting technology to offer greater performance and lower operating costs.

Built to perform
The latest 6.8 litre New Holland engine is designed to provide more power and less noise while being smaller and lighter. As well as exceeding strict Tier III emissions standards, the new engine also drives down running costs with a lower consumption of fuel and lubricants.

The 170hp TC5060 features a mechanical governor, while the 207hp TC5070 and 240hp TC5080 feature four-valve per cylinder, common rail fuel injection for improved performance.

The new engines are matched to proven transmissions that ensure effortless operation in the toughest conditions, with the large, high inertia drum smoothing out peak loads. The TC5060 is equipped with a mechanical transmission while the TC5070 and TC5080 benefit from the additional control afforded by a hydrostatic transmission.

The TC5000 is able to maintain a high ground speed in any type of crop. A versatile and easily adjusted reel allows high speed cutting and a positive crop flow to the straw elevator. Advanced header compensation and header height control systems enable these high speeds to be achieved.

Lateral header flotation can be specified on the TC5070 and TC5080 models and can be complemented by the Autofloat™ system, which allows the header to automatically remain parallel to the ground.  The ControlfloatTM system is available to automatically maintain a set stubble height on units without lateral header flotation.

Although the TC5000 is New Holland’s entry level combine range, the models still display the brand’s innovative approach to design and performance. When fitted with a Rotary Separator, the additional concave area of 0.83m² raises the total forced rubbing area to 1.82m², allowing the easy threshing and separation of tough, high volume crops.

The finest straw quality
The TC5000 is well-suited to livestock farming operations, where high quality straw is as important as the grain. The TC5000’s simple and efficient threshing system ensures a gentle treatment of the crop. A smooth passage from drum to beater to strawwalkers maintains the structure of the straw, with no aggressive direction changes. The Rotary Separator offers increased capacity in high yielding crops.

Comfortable harvesting
High levels of operator comfort and control are cornerstones of New Holland design, and the TC5000 features a modern, spacious cab with 191 degrees of unimpeded vision. The quiet operation of the New Holland engines reduces operator fatigue and a choice of air-suspended seat, passenger seat, remote controlled mirrors, remote controls for header and threshing engagement adds to the overall comfort and convenience.

A logical, multifunction joystick controls speed and header operations, with information regarding combine function conveniently displayed in a console to the right of the operator. This effective system inspires confidence and is complemented by the TC5000’s ability to reverse the elevator and header. A powerful electric motor, engaged from the cab, enables blockages to be easily cleared and performance maintained in difficult, irregular crops.

Low cost operation
Designed with low cost, convenient operation in mind, New Holland engineers have equipped TC5000 combines to offer excellent value for money.

Proven reliability, high build quality and precision finishing ensures the TC5000 maintains its value over many seasons. Daily maintenance and overall operating costs are low, with easy access to the engine area, the hinged rotary dust screen and greasing points, all reducing the servicing time.

Implementation of the latest New Holland engines, with advanced fuel injection and combustion control, has resulted in a successful balance between high engine performance and fuel consumption. The New Holland Tier III engine uses nearly 5% less fuel than the previous Model TC56.




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