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New Holland Top Service – 24/7 support for our customers 
A new service programme that provides New Holland customers with even higher levels of support has been announced by the brand at the SIMA trade show in Paris.

Starting from 2 April 2007, the New Holland Top Service team will be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. A key element of New Holland's Service Excellence strategy, the New Holland Top Service programme will give dealers a powerful back-up to ensure fast resolution to customers’ requests.

Customers will be able to call the New Holland Top Service toll free number 24/7. Once the query is logged, the New Holland Top Service team will work in close partnership with the customer's dealer and New Holland's Parts and Service teams to ensure that an answer is reached quickly, with each process stage carefully monitored until a satisfactory resolution is achieved.

An enhanced level of support from parts and logistics will provide the New Holland Top Service programme with a dedicated, multilingual team also available around the clock. Specialist tools will enable the team to locate parts rapidly across Europe and ensure they are delivered quickly and efficiently. New Holland Top Service will benefit from the $35million dollar investment made by New Holland to increase parts stocking levels in central and local distribution centres.

As part of the brand's Service Excellence approach, dealers are extending their commitment to ensure customers receive the highest level of care by carrying a greater and broader parts inventory during the harvesting season.

For customers with New Holland flagship products in warranty, seasonal support will be taken one stage further. Following a customer or dealer call to the New Holland Top Service number, the team will receive an immediate alert and is empowered to take any action necessary to get the customers’ machine back to work. This may include drawing parts from any facility within the New Holland manufacturing network, including assembly lines to ensure a fast resolution. Express parts delivery service will ensure this part reaches the customer in the shortest possible time.

Working with the dealer's customer service team, the New Holland Top Service team’s foremost priority is to get this customer’s machine operating as quickly as possible during this critical time for his business. With access to New Holland product specialists, technical issues can also be rapidly resolved. On rare occasions when a situation cannot be settled quickly, the team will provide detailed progress reports to the customer.

Simon Thornton, head of New Holland in Europe, commented: “We understand that any loss in productivity can be expensive, so we designed New Holland Top Service to give our customers the advantage in today's highly competitive environment."

The New Holland Top Service programme draws on the experience and resources of the system set up by Iveco, who successfully introduced a similar process to support its customers. In addition, New Holland has worked into the process the experience gained during the emergency breakdown support pilot projects that the brand successfully ran in the UK and Denmark.

  • The New Holland Top Service will be available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
  • The flagship products covered by the extra in-season support are: CR, CX and CSX combines, self-propelled forage harvesters, Series T8000, T7000 and T7500 tractors, self-propelled grape harvesters, big balers.




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