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New Holland customers benefit from Laterale thinking 

  • Two new Laterale models in the CSX7000 range
  • New Laterale model in the CS6000 range
  • Laterale models conquer slopes up to 30%

New Holland has further expanded its combine harvester offering with the introduction of new Laterale models in the CS6000 and CSX7000 combine ranges. The Laterale models are designed for mixed and livestock farming operations that must contend with steep gradients and the combines have been specifically developed to cope with these difficult working conditions.

The automatic levelling system of the Laterale models allows the combine to maintain maximum performance when working on slopes up to 18%, The pivoting final drives allow the combine body to remain level, offering improved traction, operator comfort and combine performance. For even greater versatility, the Smart Sieve™ system maintains cleaning efficiency on slopes up to 30%.

CSX7000 Laterale
The CSX7060 Laterale and CSX7080 Laterale are based upon the 303hp (223kW) CSX7060 and 333hp (245kW) CSX7080, which were introduced last year.

Each combine in the four-model CSX7000 range uses New Holland's HarveStar™ technology, comprising four innovative features: four-drum threshing technology, Smart Sieve cleaning system, powerful engines and IntelliView™ II colour monitor, to achieve amazing capacities and grain quality for a combine in this class.

The five strawwalker CSX7060 Laterale and six strawwalker CSX7080 Laterale can be fitted with headers up 24ft (7.32m) and 30ft (9.15m) respectively, and can be specified with the high performance Varifeed™ headers, which feature a knife position adjustment of 500mm.

The Smart Sieve cleaning system uses a patented linkage to control the pre- and upper sieves movement, allowing them to move both fore and aft and laterally, with the lateral movement controlled by an electric actuator. When on a slope the grain is moved to the upper side of the sieves by a linear lateral movement on the pre-cleaner and top sieves. The system controls the severity of the lateral movement by measuring the inclination of the combine and takes account of the fan speed. This fan speed link means the amount of lateral movement is also dependant on the grain type and size.

A high quality grain sample and top quality straw production have been trademarks of the CSX7000 Series, and the new Laterale models further extends the capabilities of this combine range.

CS6000 Laterale
The 177hp CS6060 Laterale is a new model positioned between the existing CS6050 and CS6080.  As with the larger capacity CSX7000 Laterale models, the CS6060 Laterale excels in steep farming environments and benefits from the manoeuvrability of a smaller framed combine. The Smart Sieve system can be specified to extend the capability of the combine harvester.

The five strawwalker CS6060 Laterale features a 0.86m2 separation area, offering excellent threshing capability even in poor weather conditions.  The CS6000 combine’s Opti-Thresh™ system is able to adapt the rubbing requirement to the harvest conditions. Drum speed and concave clearance can be adjusted from the cab, while the rear part of the Opti-Thresh concave can be repositioned away from the drum to soften the change in direction from drum to beater, which results in extremely high quality straw.

Available with New Holland’s range of grain headers, the CS6060 Laterale can be specified with up to a 7.32m High Capacity header or a 6.1m Extra-Capacity or Varifeed model.

The large curved glass area of the CS6000’s Discovery Plus cab provides unhindered views of the crop and header, and stubble behind the header. The quiet and comfortable cab features air-conditioning as standard with the option of an air-suspended seat and a passenger seat for the highest levels of comfort and convenience.




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