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Another boost for New Holland tractors 

New Holland has enhanced its unique Engine Power Management (EPM) system on its T7000 and T6000 Range and Power Command models with the introduction of a power boost facility for high demand hydraulically powered tasks.

Depending on the model the existing system increased engine power by as much as 37 hp for haulage tasks and mobile PTO work.  The new additional feature will trigger an increase in engine power when the load on the tractor’s hydraulic pump drive increases beyond a preset threshold.

If an implement such as an air seeding drill, with a large fan driven hydraulically from a remote valve, loads the hydraulic pump sufficiently the EPM will activate. The subsequent increase in engine power compensates for the power taken by the pump. This has the net effect of maintaining power at the tractor wheels, increasing the tractor’s work rate.

 What makes the New Holland Engine Power Management unique is that it’s not a simple on/off system. The extra power obtained from the EPM is proportional to the load, the higher the PTO or hydraulic load encountered the more fuel is injected, as load reduces so too is the fuelling.

How does the tractor know how much load is on the PTO or hydraulic pump?  Quite simply by using a patented device that measures the twist on the PTO shaft as it passes through the transmission and rear axle. The same shaft also drives the hydraulic pump enabling one set of sensors to monitor the PTO and pump load. The higher the load, the greater the degree of twist on the shaft which in turn signals the increase in engine power.

Controlling the fuel injection very accurately in this way ensures that only the minimum amount of fuel is used for the actual load present, minimising overall consumption.

With Engine Power Management, the T6000 Range and Power Command models and the T7000 range can really punch well above their weight, intelligently controlling the fuel injection system to increase output.

Models                                                           Rated Power   Rated Power with EPM

T6050 Range Command                                  125 hp             149 hp
T6070 Range Command, Power Command     140 hp             159 hp
T6080 Range Command, Power Command     155 hp             175 hp

T7030                                                              167 hp             204 hp  
T7040                                                              182 hp             218 hp
T7050                                                              197 hp             234 hp
T7060                                                              213 hp             238 hp 




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