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New Holland Auto Command transmission enhances T7000 tractor range 










  • New Continuously Variable Transmission manufactured in New Holland’s Antwerp Transmission Plant in Belgium
  • New CVT control system developed together with New Holland’s Harvest and Forage Excellence Centre in Zedelgem, Belgium

    • Forced-based Multi-Function Handle from the FR9000 forage harvester for easy control and familiar operation

    • New-generation Sidewinder™ II Armrest including Intelliview™ III from the CR combine and touch screen with guidance full capabilities
  • Four models including the new 225hp T7070 Auto Command™ flagship model offering Power Boost up to 250 hp/187 kW (ECE R120 / ISO 14396) for an improved power-to-weight ratio
  •  New electronic park brake
  • Max permissible gross vehicle of 13,000kg at 50 kph
  • T7000 Auto Command will start shipping from New Holland’s tractor plant in Basildon, England in May 2009

Drawing on proven technology and familiar operation styles from New Holland’s premium harvest and forage machines, the T7000 Auto Command is built on the success of the award-winning T7000 tractor series. New Holland has concentrated on comfort and ease of use in the development of the T7000 Auto Command tractor to enable customer to achieve the best return on their investment.

Auto Command transmission for maximum efficiency
The new Auto Command transmission is the heart of the tractor range and, in combination with the new multi-function handle, offers a smooth seamless application of power that is easy to control and efficiently managed to ensure fuel use is kept to a minimum. Manufactured ‘in house’ by New Holland at its dedicated production facility at Antwerp, the new Auto Command continuously variable transmission represents the most advanced and efficient CVT technology on the market.

Upgraded to make the most of the new higher-powered engine, Auto Command is available in 40kph ECO and 50kph ECO options, allowing the customers to achieve these speeds at a lower engine speed (1450 and 1550 rpm respectively). The T7000 Auto Command is able to deliver excellent performance in transport applications at the best fuel efficiency. The CVT combines both mechanical and hydrostatic components to transmit power and is optimised to maximise mechanical efficiency according to engine load, engine speed and vehicle speed, to ensure the minimum amount of fuel is used during any task. The operator simply selects the desired working speed and Auto Command will automatically adjust engine speed and transmission setting to achieve the most efficient performance.

Auto Command has four operational modes; automatic, cruise, PTO and manual. In the default automatic mode, the multi-function handle or foot pedal controls the tractor speed with the Control Logic setting the most fuel-efficient engine speed. Cruise mode extends this function by accelerating to and maintaining a set speed. In manual mode engine speed is controlled by either the foot pedal or hand throttle and the multi-function handle used to change the transmission ratio. Each mode allows precise control and easy operation enabling the operator to maximise the tractor’s performance.

Sidewinder II Armrest keeps control simple
Designed for contactors and demanding owners and operators requiring advanced yet intuitive solution, the T7000 Auto Command series features the unique New Holland Sidewinder II armrest. The latest generation of this control console introduces the multi-function handle that will be familiar to owners and operators of the brand’s renowned FR9000 forage harvester, which won the "Machine of the Year" award at Agritechnica 2008 and is highly regarded for its ease of use.

Creating a common operating control across New Holland’s premium harvesting and cash crop ranges, the multi-function handle uses force-based impulse to allow the driver to smoothly control the tractor. Acceleration and deceleration is controlled by the movement of the handle. Shuttle manoeuvres can be performed with the touch of a switch, the left hand shuttle or the handle itself. The operator can also set three target speeds and move between them using the handle’s controls. Ideal for tasks that require continuous speed adjustment or extensive transport work, the handle also incorporates button controls for repetitive headland operations and mounted and trailed implements that require ongoing hydraulic adjustment.

Ergonomically designed to provide comfortable operation, the transmission and Sidewinder II armrest have been tested for more than 15,000 hours, with design input from more than 300 customers and reviewed by four independent specialist design clinics. Placing the T7000 Auto Command’s controls in a logical layout, operation of the multi-function handle, joystick, EDC mouse, controls for the remote valves, front and rear pto and the IntelliView™ III colour display fall naturally to the driver’s hand for quick confident control. The whole armrest can be moved forwards or rearwards bythe operator at the touch of a button.

Four models with more power
Four models from the 167hp T7030 to the 225hp T7070 expands New Holland’s tractor offering and increases the range of power and functionality available to customers. The T7000 Auto Command models offer the same power as their T7000 Power Command siblings, but introduce a new range-topping model in the guise of the T7070. The 6.7 litre, six-cylinder NEF engine developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies develops 225hp at rated engine speed and offers 250hp boosted power at maximum engine speed. As with all engines across the range, the new engine is turbocharged and intercooled, features electronic fuel injection and is compliant with Tier III and EPA emissions regulations.

Stopping power
The T7000 Auto Command uses a combination of exhaust brake, electronic park brake and Active StopStart to ensure the tractor stops as well as it goes, increasing operator confidence and convenience. By using engine braking as the engine speed reduces, the exhaust brake provides additional restraint in transport applications and is ideal for controlled hill descents with a heavy trailer.

Active StopStart will hold the T7000 a steep slope without the need to disengage drive once the tractor comes to a standstill. The electronic park brake (EPB) is a more reliable alternative to the transmission park lock and uses the greater pressure of powerful brake pads to hold the tractor. EBP can be conveniently engaged using the shuttle lever, but will automatically engage if the tractor is stationary for more than 45 seconds, the operator leaves his seat or the engine is shut off.

Efficient pto delivery
The T7000 Auto Command’s new driveline and transmission control allows the pto to be operated at lower engine speeds (- 12%) for greater fuel economy. Selected via a rotary switch, 1000rpm and 540rpm Eco pto speeds are offered as standard with a direct drive from the engine at 1893rpm and 1563rpm engine speed respectively. A 1000rpm and 1000 rpm Eco rear pto speed, available at 1893rpm and 1700rpm respectively, is available as an option, as is a 1000rpm front pto, which is driven directly off the crankshaft via a wet clutch.

High capacity
In keeping with the T7000’s premium positioning, the Auto Command models draw on high the hydraulic and carrying capacity of the range. The standard 120 litres per minute hydraulic pump and in line with the pto speeds the pump delivers its rated flow at 1800 erpm , while up to five rear remotes can be specified with a further four mid-mount remotes available.

The heavy-duty front axle available across the whole T7000 tractor range offers increased capacity and pushes the tractor’s gross vehicle weight to 13 tonnes, giving T7000 tractors superb operational flexibility.

Proven heritage
Built on the successful T7000 series, which was awarded Tractor of the Year 2008, the new T7000 Auto Command range further improves fuel economy, productivity and class-leading power-to-weight ratios and now offers best-in-class ergonomics for ease of use and comfort.

A commanding driving position within a quiet, comfortable and spacious cab is standard on all T7000 models as is the TerraGlide™ active front axle suspension. Comfort and convenience can be taken further with optional extras such as a Auto Comfort leather seat, HID lighting packages and heated front and rear windows.

The IntelliView™ III touch screen display, which has proved very successful in the brand’s CR9000 rotary combines, is a standard feature on the T7000 Auto Command range. Mounted on an adjustable arm on the Sidewinder II consol, the display provides detailed information on all the tractor’s functions in a clear, easy to use format. Using the latest CAN BUS technology, the display can also be used to control and monitor implements such as big balers.

The display can be further used as an interface for New Holland’s Auto Guidance system. Guidance-ready now comes as a factory-fit option, comprising steering angle sensor, control valve, hydraulics and wiring. The GPS receiver and Navigation Controller can be fitted by the dealer, allowing the operator to follow predetermined application patterns or perform basic mapping. For customer’s who wish to make the most of the DGPS-based technology, New Holland’s IntelliSteer enables the T7000 Auto Command to steer itself along curved lines that were marked during the initial field pass or during a prior field operation




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